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Friday, 28 October 2011


925 was woundering, 'What the hell was Benny off Crossroads doing up in the mountians of Thiland?'
Benny was woundering, 'What the hell is 925 wearing?' pic taken by IIya Maclean
Can you think of a better caption?

  Today didn't feel like November was just around the corner. It was a stunning, still, warm day. There were 2 Brambling at the campsite, Garrison, this morning with 20-30 Chaffinch also in the area. In fact, small flocks of Chaffinches were seen or heard throughout the day, all over the shop on island.  With Ritchie, we walked the Dead Pine Walk and Ritchie spotted the juvenile SPOONBILL overhead, heading west towards Samson to where the adult bird was.

2 Brambling were at the Garrison

Juvenile SPOONBILL flying over Ritchie and I

Chiffchaff at work

What an action shot of a Black Redstart at Porthloo.

  In me back garden, most of the Chiffchaffs took advantage of the clear night skies with only 7 remaining. In the fields nearby there were 3 Blackcap and Snipe, 30+Goldfinch, 15+Linnet and a Lesser Redpoll.
  A quick look at Porth Hellick and the only bird of note was the YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER that's been present here for the last few days.

In the fields there were lots of Silver Y and a single Painted Lady

Lesser Redpoll at Telegraph

YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER at Porth Hellick loop trail

The view that I see every morning from where I work

New birds found today included a RED-BREASTED FLYCATCHER, Higher Moors and a COMMON ROSEFINCH, Longstones, St Mary's. There was another of the latter species on St Agnes, where there was also a PALLA'S WARBLER trapped. However, out of all these birds the rarest was a BULLFINCH on Gugh. The NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH was on both pools today, but there was no sign of the UPLAND SANDPIPER.

The amazing Radiohead singing 'Paranoid Android' from the album 'OK Computer'


  1. "Ah ha young Grasshopper, As with seeking enlightenment, attaining style is an arduous journey and I fear you have a long way to go". But worry not soon you will be able to give up more of your silly western ways, why not start by putting those funny "distance viewing cameras" into my blue bag here" :-)

  2. Got the numbers wrong Spider ...its 595 !! hope your well mate !