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Monday, 27 July 2015

Dave is back!

One of the twenty Cory's Shearwater seen feeding with Manx Shearwater just west of Round Island, (21st) Dave Badcock

  This evening I did a seawatch off Giants Castle (18.15-20.15) in a WNW F4 and was rewarded with 4 Cory's Shearwater, 5 Great Skua, a single Storm Petrel and good numbers of Gannet, Fulmar and Manx Shearwater. The Green Sandpiper was still at Porth Hellick and earlier on I got the adult Mediterranean Gull at Porthloo while at the same time, 3 juveniles were at Porthcressa.

Adult Mediterranean Gull at Porthloo

After last being seen October last year, Dave turned up two weeks ago in the castle gardens and has stayed with us. When I first saw him, I whistled and he flew straight towards me and landed at my feet. I reared him up from a youngster and taught him that I whistled, then that meant feeding time. He's looking good! Everyone was so happy to see him and I'll never forget the day Dave made John Majors hand smell fishy! Here's the story

Male Blackbird

Male House Sparrow

Yellow-tailed Moth

Over two weeks ago Bob Dawson showed me Painted Lady caterpillars feeding on Thistle next to the Big Pool, St Agnes.

The adult LEAST SANDPIPER was last seen on the Big Pool, St Agnes, 26th. The only other bird of note before this was a Honey Buzzard on Tresco, 20th

This guy is still not on Wiki. He is still under the radar and I can't even get him on Spotify! Thomas Feiner is a Swedish singer-songwriter and musician. He was the singer and songwriter in the now defunct group AnywhenWith the band's third and final album "The Opiates", released in 2001, their sound departed from pop/rock to develop an unsettling, yet beautiful, avant-garde quality accompanied by orchestral arrangements. In 2008 the album was remastered and reissued with two new songs on David Sylvian's label SamadhiSound

Sunday, 19 July 2015

3rd LEAST SANDPIPER for Scilly

Adult LEAST SANDPIPER showing very well at the Big Pool, St Agnes

  On the morning of the 18th, I had cracking views of the long staying sub-adult COMMON CRANE from me wagon in the Rose Hill paddocks. Later, just after 14.00, I got a text from Bob Dawson '3 Dunlin and a Sandling trying to land on the Big Pool, St Agnes. Minutes later 'Looks like a stint is here' When he text 'pale legs!!! Least? That's when I showed the text to Higgo, who was with me at the time, and without hesitation he was calling Bob. A few hours later a group of us was watching an adult LEAST SANDPIPER in dull light and rain.
  The sandpiper is still present today and yesterday I returned to have a better look at it in better conditions. For an hour I had crippling views as it fed and slept only meters away from me on the edge of the pool. A brief seawatch of Horse Point could only produce lots of Manx Shearwater and 4 Puffin. Returning back to st Mary's on the supper boat, there were large numbers of Manx Shearwater in The roads including a raft of over 60. There was another raft of 100+ between Gugh and the Garrison.

It was only October 2011 that the second for Scilly turned up on Tresco Great Pool. The first was also on the St Agnes Big Pool '62. Bob Dawson is turning up the goods on this tiny pool. Already he found the Great Blue Heron on here, before it was discovered by Cavel Smith at Lower Moors the following day.

A look at Browarth produced a roost of waders including, 14 Curlew, 70+Oystercatcher and 3 each of Turnstone, Common Sandpiper and Whimbrel.

A pair of Stonechat were busy feeding young on St Agnes

This COMMON CRANE has been present on Scilly for over two months, favoring Annet. In the last week it has returned to St Mary's and I managed to catch up with it at Rose hill where this pic was taken. Robin Mawer

I took this pic of the COMMON CRANE on Annet, a long ways off from St Agnes last week where I also saw one of the 3 juvenile Mistle Thrush at Carn Lane.

The gosling is bigger than the godwits!
  On the 7th, Martin Goodey called to say that he had 7 Icelandic Black-tailed Godwit in front of the Sussex Hide at Porth hellick. A single bird remained with 6 Greenshank to the 12th. Before this, 6 was the most I had ever seen on Scilly. 

  The day of the Turkestan Shrike on St Martins, (2nd July) Viv Jackson told us that he had a Golden Plover with long legs at the Great Bay. For the time of year, we were all thinking Pacific. However, the following evening, Andrew Ward identified an Adult American Golden Plover on Castle Down, Tresco with no sight of it the next day. From the crazy record of a single juvenile Mistle Thrush, (2nd July) to 3 juveniles the next day on St Agnes last week, was followed by another juvenile on St Martins. At Porthcressa there have been up to 4 Mediterranean  Gull including a juvenile.
  Last week, Bob Dawson went and found the second or third HARLEQUIN BEETLE for scilly on St Martins and today he had a juvenile Yellow-legged Gull on St Agnes.

Fox hunting: Tories make heartfelt plea to fell MPs to end countryside cruelty

ANTI-HUNTING Tories have made a heartfelt plea to fellow MPs to hold firm and defeat the Government’s back door return to countryside cruelty.

Hunts men and Houses of ParliamentGETTY
Anti-hunting MPs fear the government will 'legalise hunting'

They are warning their Conservative colleagues that Government plans to tamper with the Hunting Act will “legalise hunting” and go against the wishes of the country. 
Among the leading Conservatives calling for colleagues to protect the hunting ban is new Sports Minister Tracey Crouch along with other party stalwarts who have fought for better animal welfare over many years. 
In an open letter to fellow Tories, the MPs say removing vital parts of the legislation by way of a statutory instrument will not only make it more difficult to enforce the fox hunting ban but would also “pose a real treat to wildlife protection”. 
They tell colleagues: “We are writing to you as a matter of urgency with regard to the Hunting Act 2004.
As you will know, the Government have proposed an amendment to the Act by using a Statutory Instrument (SI) to replace the current limit of two dogs being used to flush out wild mammals.
“We expect this motion to be laid before Parliament on Wednesday July 15. 
“We believe that this is not some minor amendment, but would effectively legalise hunting again which is opposed by the vast majority of the public in both rural and urban areas. 
“The current legislation of using no more than two dogs to flush a wild mammal to guns is very clear and easy to use when enforcing the law. 
“Removal of this limited restriction is likely to make enforcement of the Act considerably more difficult and would pose a real threat to wildlife protection. 
“We view any moves to amend the Hunting Act 2004 as a back door attempt by the pro-hunting lobby to bring about the repeal of the Act and that the use of the Statutory Instrument is an approach to make the ban unenforceable.
We believe that this is not some minor amendment, but would effectively legalise hunting again which is opposed by the vast majority of the public in both rural and urban areas

The ban has the overwhelming support of the public who do not want to see repeal or a weakening of The Hunting Act 2004. 
“We urge all our colleagues to stand firm and vote against any amendment to the Hunting Act 2004.” 
The other MP signatories are veteran campaigner Sir Roger Gale, President of Conservative Animal Welfare, Sir David Amess and Henry Smith, co-chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare.
Sir Roger, Sir David and Ms Crouch are all patrons of Blue Fox – otherwise known as Conservatives Against Fox Hunting. 
With two days to go before the historic debate, the RSPCA is warning that the UK could lose its reputation as a world leader in animal welfare if hunting returns. 
Those in favour of amending the ban say the Government’s proposals will mean that farmers – and hunts – will be able to use packs of hounds to find and shoot foxes. They say “traditional hunting” will remain illegal. 
But David Bowles, assistant director of public affairs of the RSPCA, said: “The public should be under no illusion: this is not about pest control.
The Government has given no evidence to show the Hunting Act has not worked for pest control so this is about killing foxes for sport.
This move by the Government is the first step in dismantling the Hunting Act. 
“If given the go-ahead, this would be the first time an animal welfare law was dismantled.
It could see the UK Government losing its leading position in the world on animal welfare. 
Is that how this Government wants to be remembered? The pro-hunting Countryside Alliance says: “The Government's proposals will mean that farmers and hunts will be able to use packs of hounds to find and shoot foxes.
“The amendments will bring the law into line with Scotland and ensure that farmers are able to choose how to manage the fox population in the most effective and humane manner.
“Traditional hunting - the pursuit and killing of foxes with hounds - would remain illegal under the amended Act as farmers would still be required to shoot foxes ‘as soon as possible’ after they have been found and flushed would remain.

George Evelyn (also known as Nightmares on Wax or DJ EASE), is a DJ and electronic music composer from LeedsEngland. His music is released on Warp Records and was one of the first releases on the label. Evelyn got his start in the music industry through an interest in hip hop and on joining a local breakdancing crew. He met Kevin Harper and together they released their first album in 1991, a techno-edged record entitled "A Word Of Science: The First And Final Chapter". This was the beginning of Nightmares on Wax's career. Today, Harper is a solo DJ and Evelyn is accompanied by Robin Taylor-Firth.