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Wednesday 28 May 2014

Woodchat Shrike at Deep Point

Female Woodchat Shrike found by Ritchie two days ago. It spent most of it's time around Chris Ridgards garden at Deep Point. I called him to let him know about the shrike, only to be told by Martin that he was on the mainlannd. Our mission was to get a shot of it in his garden!
With Starlings on a rock just outside Chris Ridgards garden

On another rock looking in the direction of Chris's garden

On a fence post bordering Chris's garden
Flying towards Chris's garden

And again

and again
And yes, smack, bang in the middle of the Chris's garden! Sorry mate
This was taken a long ways off from Chris's garden
On the 24th, Higgo had up to 12 Turtle Dove at Holy Vale. The following morning, after Elle had trapped 3 Spotted Flycatcher at Porth hellick, we went to have a look at them, but could only find three birds. 
This male Red-backed Shrike was found by one of the guest at Star Castle on the 21st at Popplestone Bay, Bryher Alan Hine

Cuckoo at Innisidgen Alan Hine

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Sunday 18 May 2014

Woodchat Shrike at the Golf Course

1st summer Yellow-legged Gull on St Mary's  
I didn't get out until gone mid-day. I kicked a lot of fields and got a single Tree Pipit at Pungies Lane. A call came through from Martin Elliot replying to me questioning him yesterday about the interesting Yellow-legged Gull that's been hanging around on St Mary's for well over a month now. He asked me to get some more pics of the gull and send them on. The Golf Course is a good bet and there it was feeding with 4 LBBG. I took a few shots on the deck when I noticed, some distance away, what looked like a shrike land on top of a bramble. It turned out to be a male Woodchat Shrike and for the next three minutes it bombed around the golf course, never settling down, until it flew through the pines in the direction of Barts Carn. At a guess, I would say that it had just arrived. As it disappeared, Will Scott arrived and whistled me to get my attention as he could see I had somethin. For the next hour we could not find it. Up to 5 Greenland Wheatear were also on the golf course. Robin was returning from St Martins, and can you believe this? He picked the Woodchat up on top of a bush near the quarry while passing in the tripper boat!! When he was on dry land, he rushed to spot where he had seen it and flushed a female 'type' Golden Oriole instead! As a result of this, Will Scott returned in seach of the Golden Oriole and got a male Pied Flycatcher and relocated the Woodchat. Then returning home, an immature male Golden Oriele flew past him and briefly showed very well in Carreg dhu Gardens. He waited for it to return and as he steped out of the entrance gate, above him, was a female NIGHTJAR!! 
At the same time that found the Woodchat a Bee-eater was heard over the cricket pitch, St Agnes and on Bryer there was a Wood Warbler.

This male Woodchat Shrike was so mobile I couldn't keep up with it and was always distant as you can tell by the heavly cropped shots


This 1st summer Yellow-legged Gull is believed (by it's bigger chunkier appearance and darker underwing and upperparts) of that from the Atlantic region instead of the Mediterranean.

A pair of Stonechat were busy feeding 2 juveniles on the golf course
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2 Black Kite on Scilly

This Short-toed Lark has spent the last three days on the St Mary's Airfield
  But I only saw one! But, that's good enough for me. On the morning of 4th, I found myself kayaking towards Tresco in search of Dave's GLOSSY IBIS and pair of Garganey that turned up the day before on the Great pool. I walked the whole island and for my efforts all I could manage of note were a single whitethroat, 35 Wheatear, Iceland Gull, 1 Black-tailed Godwit and Common Sandpiper and a single male Wigeon.
  A Ten minute paddle to Samson and just 1 Bar-tailed Godwit, 15 Wheatear and 8 Whimbrel. Shipman's Down on Bryher held more Wheatear with 80+. The other highlights were singles of both Common Sandpiper, Redstart and Tree Pipit. Throughout the day in the heat, I kept my eyes to skies looking for raptors. So it was no surprise when I returned to St Mary's to find out that Dave had a BLACK KITE on Tresco. The following day he couldn't believe he's eyes when he observed 2 BLACK KITE together! It wasn't until the 6th, while I was watching a Wood Warbler at Higher Moors, that one of them flew high overhead and after half an hour, disappeared into the clouds. The next day, both birds were back on Tresco.
  Today on St Martins the second Purple Heron of the year was found with yesterdays Red-backed Shrike still present and there was a Hoopoe on st Agnes.


The Short-toed Lark showed well in the dull light on the airfield

The Red-rumped Swallow was still present on the 30th April spending most of the day at Porth hellick

BLACK KITE high over St Mary's

The juvenile Iceland Gull was still favouring the heliport on Tresco
This Mute Swan flew over while observing the gull
On the Great pool there are three pairs of Pochard with a single male
male Shelduck on Samson
Lesser-black backed Gulls breeding in large numbers on Samson
Up to 8 Whimbrel were also on Samson

My first Garden Warbler of the year was at Maypole (29th April)

There was well over 80 Wheatear (mainly Greenland race) up on Shipman's Down, Bryher. I also had a female Redstart and a single Tree Pipit on the island 
Male Linnet
Female Chaffinch
This female Merlin was chasing Linnets on the Golf Course (1st May)
My first Oil Beetle of the year
The kayak is named 'Dagger' and while paddling from island to island, I found myself singing the Jimi Hendrix song 'Dolly Dagger' 

Jimi Hendrix is so great that he has to sing to the biggist microphone in the world!