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Thursday, 29 December 2016

La Fortuna Costa Rica

male Red-legged Honeycreeper in the center of La Fortuna

  Been in La Fortuna for the last two days now and just been relaxing below Volcano Arenal after working at the animal center for over three weeks. I like it here a lot and the area is a good place for birding as I found out when I was here almost five years ago. However, I ain't done much of that as I would of liked to. I'll let the photos do the talking starting with some pics from working at the animal center.

A baby Two-toed Sloth taking protection!

Myself and a Spider Monkey. I'm the one on the left! The monkey was a pet before arriving at the animal center where I'm working

Feeding the Kinkajous 

Anna with Moe who was also a pet before she arrived at the center. I meant the lorikeet not Anna!

The Howler Monkeys not letting us work as usual!

I had this strange looking moth on the Parrot enclosure 


Pygmy Ferruginous Owl

While swimming in the river, we had cracking views if a Sunbittern and Anna found a group of bats sp roosting in a small concrete building next to the river.

Green Basilik Lizard

Spiny-backed Orbweaver

Lots of different species of Crab Spiders in the area

Big Preying Mantis...

..And small Preying Mantis...

And this is where the small one ended!

Two male Preying Mantis on top of a female

Assassan Bug

Tennessee Warbler

The main square in Alajuela

The buses we used to get around were very cheap and a very good system

I brought these trainers on Christmas Eve for this kid I played football with outside the center on the road with his mates during the time i was there. They all had Nike, Adidas trainers and he only had shoes with holes in. He lived in a small tin house with his family. They had nothing really. Now he can show off his footy skills in his new trainers! Dig the T-shirt I'm wearing!

I've hardly done any birding since arriving at La Fortuna. So far I've seen Black and White, Tennessee, Yellow and this Chesnut-sided Warbler close to the digs

Long-tailed Hermit

As well as this Rufus-tailed Hummingbird, which are all over the shop, I've also observed Striped-tailed, Purple-crowned Fairy and Purple-throated Mountain gem

Keel-billed Tacun

Collard Aracari

Male Green Honeycreeper

Male and female Red-legged Honeycreeper

Lake Arenal

One of my favorite bands, Still Corners

Sunday, 18 December 2016

A priest talking the truth in Syria


andrewashdowncofeAndrew Ashdown is a Church of England priest studying Christian-Muslim relations in Syria. In the last few days he has visited East Aleppo. This is the report of his visit to the area yesterday (14th December) that he published on his facebook page. Photos by Andrew Ashdown
This morning we visited the main IDP Registration centre at Jibrin, for Internally Displaced Persons from East Aleppo. They are registered here for humanitarian reasons and access to services, before they go either to relatives in other parts of Syria if they have them (many do), or to other reception centres where they are provided with accommodation, food and other services. During the past two weeks they have registered 95,000 refugees, but estimate there may be a further 10,000 who have not registered. There were thousands of people there who have arrived within the last couple of days. Let me make clear that we visited in a taxi without Government or Army accompaniment, and without prior notice. We were not expected.
idp10The Centre is well organised. The Syrian Red Crescent have tents available that offer information about all social welfare facilities available, and offer free medical attention. In cases of emergency, ambulances are on hand to transport patients to hospital. Free food is being distributed by the Syrian Red Crescent and the Syrian Army, and we saw a convoy of Russian lorries providing aid. There is also a Russian field hospital on site which offers immediate medical treatment.
The sense of relief amongst the thousands of refugees is palpable.idp16All were keen to talk, and we interviewed several who had arrived only yesterday and today. They all said the same thing. They said that they had been living in fear. They reported that the fighters have been telling everyone that the Syrian Army would kill anyone who fled to the West, but had killed many themselves who tried to leave – men, women and children. One woman broke down in tears as she told how one of her sons was killed by the rebels a few days ago, and another kidnapped. They also killed anyone who showed signs of supporting the Government. The refugees said that the ‘rebels’ told them that only those who support them are “true Muslims”, and that everyone else are ‘infidels’ and deserve to die.
idp3They told us they had been given very little food: that any aid that reached the area was mostly refused to them or sold at exorbitant prices. Likewise, most had been given no medical treatment. (A doctor who has been working with the refugees for weeks told me last night that in an area recently liberated, a warehouse filled with brand new internationally branded medicines had been discovered.) Most of the refugees said they had had members of their families killed by the rebels and consistently spoke of widespread murder, torture, rape and kidnap by the rebels. They said if anyone left their homes, their properties and belongings were confiscated and stolen.
idp23One old man in a wheelchair who was being given free treatment in the Russian Field Hospital said he had been given no treatment for three years despite asking. He said: “Thank God we are free. We now have food. We can now live our lives. God bless the Syrian Army.” They all said they were glad to be out and to be free. All the refugees without exception were visibly without exception clearly profoundly relieved and happy to be free. One woman said: “This is heaven compared to what we have been living.” We asked if the Syrian Army had ill-treated anyone. They said never. One woman said: “They helped us to escape and they provide us with food and assistance.”
I therefore have two key questions:
1. It is now only the Syrian Red Crescent, the Syrian Army, and the Russians who are providing humanitarian aid to the tens of thousands who have fled East Aleppo. Why are none of the international agencies offering to help them now?
2.  Why is it, given that stories about massacres by the Syrian Army are headline news worldwide, and several international media units are in Aleppo, that there is not one international media agency actually at the Registration Centre talking to the refugees themselves? We were the only ones there. Here are people who have lived through it who are keen to talk, yet the media take at face value unverifiable claims by highly dubious sources. The collapse of any form of reliable investigative journalism in a context of global significance is utterly shocking.
CNN’s favourite ‘independent film maker’ American Jihadist and Al Qaeda member Bilal Abdul Kareem, interviewing Sheikh Abdullah Muhaysini, leader of Jaish al Fatah: Saudi educated and funded, child suicide bomber trainer, judge and executioner of apostates, Chief Head-Chopper and mass murderer.
Today the agreement for 4000 fighters to leave Aleppo is reported to have collapsed after the fighters had refused to fulfil the agreement. (I don’t know the details, but think about it… There is no reason on earth why the Syrian Government would want this agreement, which would involve the complete liberation of the city, to fail!) It is reported that the fighters refused to leave or let the civilians do so.
The refusal of the western media to report objectively, or to seekidp2informed information from the thousands of civilians from East Aleppo who are keen to share their stories, whilst granting full credibility to terrorists without any on the ground verifiable information on their claims, is nothing short of obscene.
Everything that I have seen and heard in Aleppo; from civilians in East and West from all communities, and from talking with doctors, faith communities and with Army people as well, and witnessing and risking bombardments on both sides, convinces me that the reports in the western media are twisted fabrications of the horrors that are happening in ‘rebel’ controlled areas. And still, the media refuses to listen to the witness of the people themselves.
Postscript: Christmas is coming in Syria. In a country and a city in which people of all faiths are free to worship; where mosques and Churches stand side by side; and where Christmas music is playing in cafes and restaurants. And yet the world is mourning the defeat in Aleppo of extremists who destroy Christian and Muslim places of worship, and slaughter any who do not follow their obscene ideology.

Friday, 16 December 2016

San Jose, Costa Rica 2

Emerald Glass Frog

  Yesterday evening was spent searching for nightlife five minute walk away from my digs. The sound of frogs you could hear all over the shop as you hit the river. Four of us made our ways up stream and were very successful. I'm still in the process of identifying some of the life we encountered last night and it would be a great help if anyone can let me know what the unidentified species are.

Clothed Slug Moth larva sp?

Blue-mouthed Moth larva 

Slender Anole

Male Scaly-backed Anole

Striped Basilik Lizard

Small-headed Tree Frog

Common Rain Frog

Frenchman's Glass Frog

Rainforest Land Crab

Wandering Spider sp?

Leopard Wandering Spider

Fishing Spider

Spider sp?

Spider sp?

These bug are all over the shop?

Green-striped Dragonfly

This was in the garden

Green Lizard

Common Basilik Lizard

Turkey Vulture

Great track by Blitzen Trapper