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Saturday 8 June 2019

Another Great Reed Warbler at Porth Hellick??

This 1st summer Common Rosefinch only stayed for two days and was last seen on the 4th singing at Porth Hellick next to the seaward hide 

  Earlier today at 14.20, a few of us heard the Melodious Warbler, for it's fifth day, at the southern entrance of Lower Moors but could we see it? I had an hour to kill before my last flight of the day that I was meeting at 17.30. Jo and I poked around Porth Hellick and had one more look in the Sussex Hide before returning to me wagon. It was deja vu for us both as a thrush sized warbler flew low across the water at close range from right to left before crashing into the reeds. 'Great Reed Warbler!' It's been nine days since the individual that spent two days at Porth Hellick was last seen. Was it the same bird or a new arrival? Right now we couldn't see this individual until I played a recording of a GRW and immediately it responded and flew to the top of the reeds at the right side of the hide. It flew closer into the Sallows and all we got were glimpses as it moved to the top of the bush. By now I could hear the plane in the distance coming in that I was meeting and we had to make a dash for it but not before I put the news out of the warbler.

This was all I could get of the Great Reed Warbler as it crashed through the Sallows

  Just before 19.00, Jo and I had a quick look at the airfield to see if the Short-toed Lark was still present that I found 5 days ago. It was and showed very well but there was no sign of the Golden Plover from two days ago. We also had a Hobby at Trenowth but returning to Porth Hellick later in the evening and there was no sign of the Great Reed Warbler but we did hear the Cetti's Warbler.

This Short-toed Lark has favoured the airfield for the last five days now

This stunning Golden Plover spent two days on the airfield, 5-6th, and showed superbly 

I took this photo of Common Rosefinch at Porth Hellick on it's last day, 4th, when Jo and I also had a 1st summer male Golden Oriole that we first observed in flight at Green Farm and shortly afterwards heard it singing at nearby Watermill.

Two evenings ago, Jo and I observed our first funnel cloud ever looking NNW from Porth Hellick for over two minutes before fading away. Quite impressive! 

This from their LP 'Controlling Crowds/

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