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Friday 25 January 2019

USA Naples Beach Day 12-13

Snowy Egret fishing in the shallows 

  I had an afternoon off and a few of us made the drive to nearby Naples Beach. At the beach I split and did my own thing and immediately I could see lots of Laughing, Ring-billed Gull, Royal Tern and Brown Pelican. I walked close to the shore and spotted a Great Northern Diver just beyond the surf and I had to kick a Snowy Egret out of the way. It was an hour well spent and every species, except the diver, showed at very close range.

Adult Laughing Gull

Some 40+Royal Tern showed superbly Both the tern and the gull were two species that turned up back home  on Scilly last year! 

Brown Pelican

Adult Ring-billed Gull

Great-northern Diver


Snowy Egret

 The following day I went to the local produce market, run mainly by Mexicans, with the owner of the sanctuary to go and do some shopping. $15 for 12 Honeydew Melons!! Taking advantage of the scraps were Boat-tailed Grackle all over the shop with Turkey Vulture overhead.
  Returned back at the sanctuary and I walked a few minutes along the road from my digs and came across a mixed flock of warblers moving through. Many of them were Yellow-rumped Warbler but there were also Northern Parula, Yellowthroat, Prairie Warbler, White-eyed Vireo and a new species for me, a Blue-headed Vireo. A good twenty minutes spent with also 3 American Goldfinch, Downy, Red-bellied and Peltered Woodpecker and 2 Great-crested Flycatcher.

These Boat-tailed Grackle kept me entertained while Issy went shopping 

So pleased to see this Blue-headed Vireo and with a bit of phishing it came a lot closer

However, this cracking Northern Parula stayed high in the top of the trees

Some 30+Yellow-rumped Warbler moved through

Prairie Warbler 

There were up to 3 American Goldfinch

And 2 Great-crested Flycatcher

Red-shouldered Hawk

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