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Thursday 30 August 2018

Wood Warbler at Twewince

The 1st winter Citrine Wagtail was last seen at Lower Moors on the 24th

  Yesterday late evening, Elliot Mudd and I came across a Wood Warbler feeding in the pine belt with 4+Pied and 1 Spotted Flycatcher and 3 Willow Warbler near to Bay View, Porthloo Lane. By the time Scott Reid had twitched it, the sun was setting and everything had gone to roost. Nearby, there were also 2 Tree Pipit as we returned to me wagon.
  In the same area today, I had a concentration of a single Chiffchaff, 20 Willow Warbler, 3 Spotted and 5 Pied Flycatcher and 2 Tree Pipit but no sign of the Wood Warbler. At Sunnyside/Rocky Hills area, there were also 5 Spotted and 1 Pied Flycatcher, 2 Tree Pipit, 5 Willow Warbler and a single Chiffchaff and female Merlin. 

Yesterday evening it was too dark to get better photos when we found this Wood Warbler at Bay View

I had up to 10 Spotted Flycatcher

And 11 Pied Flycatcher

I saw over 30 Willow Warbler including 20+at Bay View

I only saw 5 Blackcap

This female Merlin was at Sunnyside

  Later in the evening I arrived at Lower Moors to hear Whimbrel and infront of the ISGB Hide were 2 birds. Robin joined me and nearby we had 2 Spotted Flycatcher, 5 Willow Warbler and a flock of 11 Tree Pipit. 

3 of the 11 Tree Pipit a tLower Moors. This is the highest flock that I've recorded on Scilly 

2 Whimbrel at Lower Moors was a first for me on the scrape
  Yesterday on Bryher, Viv Stratton had 2 Tree Pipit and a single Whinchat. He also found a Wryneck south on Samson Hill after finding another Wryneck the day before on St Martins with 4 Whinchat. On St Mary's, there was a juvenile Arctic Tern at Old Town Bay.

On the 23rd I had this juvenile juvenile Yellow-legged Gull fly straight through Lower Moors The day before I had another juvenile on Tresco. Also on Tresco I had over 100 Sanderling and Ringed Plover

The 1st winter Citrine Wagtail at Lower Moors only stayed for six days 

Sedge Warbler

There have been up to 5 Snipe at Lower Moors

Wood Pigeon

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Tuesday 21 August 2018

Spotted Sandpiper at Porth Hellick

I found this juvenile Spotted Sandpiper at Porth Hellick four days ago (18th)  

 On the 18th I was at Porth Hellick looking out from the Sussex Hide. I picked up a Common Sandpiper in the far left corner and immediately could see that it had bright yellow legs 'Surely that's got to be a Spotted Sandpiper with those legs?' I said to myself.. Through the bins it was too far away and always obscured from the reeds and grass to get any other detail on it. I quickly fired off some shots from me camera only to watch it disappear deeper into the long grass. I waited for it to come out so I could nail it but ten minutes later I got a call telling me that there were two guest waiting at the airport to be picked up. This happens a lot as the guests don't give us the details of what flight they are on if they book with They had been up at the airport for nearly twenty minutes and I rushed out and ran like the devil towards me wagon. As a result, I forgot all about the sandpiper when I dropped the guest off at the hotel later. Sounds stupid but I do it a lot. What do I do a lot? I forgot what it was.
  Anyways, the following day I found the Citrine Wagtail at Lower Moors and then later in the day got cracking views of the Solitary Sandpiper on Tresco. When I returned home, later in the evening I uploaded the photos on to my laptop but when straight to the wagtail and the Solitary, not even looking at anything else that was on the card, forgetting about the photos of the Spotted Sandpiper from the day before.
  Yesterday I got a text from Brad Dallas, from Southfork, Texas, Cornwall, texting me that there was a report of a Spotted Sandpiper at Porth Hellick. My reply was 'It is one!' I told him the story and said I've got only two photos to prove it. I also told him that I bloody forgot all about the sandpiper!
  On the WhatsApp group and RBA, it came out as reported and Gary Hobson sent me some cracking photos of a the Sandpiper that he took earlier in the day in front of the seaward gide at Porth Hellick. I immediately identified it as a Spotted Sandpiper and asked if I could reload them on the WhatsApp group to prove that the report is indeed one!!

This is the third Spotted Sandpiper I have found on Scilly.

  This morning, Martin Goodey called me to say that the Spotted Sandpiper was in front of the seaward Hide. I relayed the message on WhatsApp and as I was at the airport, arrived in the hide ten minutes later. There the sandpiper was pulling faces at me before flying into that far right corner. Only this time it didn't disappear into the long grass as it did four days ago because the long grass was cut down the day after I had it. Here it harassed a Green Sandpiper and both birds flew towards the Sussex Hide.

If only it showed like this or they cut the grass the day before when I first found it this juvenile Spotted Sandpiper four days ago!

  At 12.30, Higgo let me know that the Citrine Wagtail was feeding with the Spotted Sandpiper at Porth Hellick. Jim Almond and I were only in the Sussex Hide for ten minutes and observed them both together before the sandpiper pushed the wagtail off up road.
  Later in the afternoon I had crippling views of the Citrine Wagtail back at Lower Moors with 2 Snipe and a single Green Sandpiper. A single Kingfisher was also seen here and the Adult Solitary Sandpiper was still on Tresco Great Pool off Simpsons Field. Yesterday there was an adult Common Gull at Bar Point and on St Agnes a Black-tailed Godwit.

Is this a first of a Citrine Wagtail and Spotted Sandpiper feeding together?

The 1st winter Citrine Wagtail was still at Lower Moors for it's third day and we still got the foggy conditions from Sunday! 

Green Sandpiper

Red Underwing

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Sunday 19 August 2018


Adult SOLITARY SANDPIPER off Simpson's Field, Tresco Great Pool 

  This morning I wanted to go seawatching, too foggy!! I wanted to go kayaking, too foggy!! At 08.30 I found myself at Lower Moors and from the ISBG Hide I could see a wagtail on the far side and I thought, it's just goin to be an alba wagtail. I looked through my bins 'Bloody ell! A Citrine Wagtail!' With westerlies throughout the last two weeks I wasn't expecting that. I quickly put the news out before the wagtail came a lot closer and gave crippling views in front of the hide only to fly off. A few minutes later it returned and flew off again. Scott arrived on his bike with Orkney seated in the back but as there was sign of the wagtail, I made my ways to Porth Hellick. Twenty minutes later, Robin called to let me know that it was back at Lower Moors but my breakfast was waiting and 10.45 I was on Tresco.

With the westlies in the last two week, it was a total surprise in finding this 1st winter Citrine Wagtail at Lower Moors. Two days ago I had a Yellow Wagtail at Porth Hellick

  Four days ago (15th) Ray O'Reilly's found a Lesser Yellowlegs at Tresco Great Pool. Higgo was the only one to twitch it and reidentified it as the 14th SOLITARY SANDPIPER for Scilly!! It was the following day that I twitched it kayaking across in the afternoon and joined up with Robin who had already seen it. It showed well distantly feeding off Simpsons Field but when Robin went off to return to St Mary's, the sandpiper disappeared into the reeds. 
  So today I was back on Tresco and was told by a John Merchant, who was already there when I arrived at Simpson's Field, that there was no sign of the Solitary Sandpiper. While I was at the Abbey Pool I got a call from John to tell me that it was off Simpson's Field. It was nearly two hours later that I saw it very briefly come out only for it to disappear again. At 15.30 it came out into the open and flew across to the other side of Simpson's Field. This is where I got better views of it as it was feeding and it made the trip over well worth while. However, I only had a few minutes with it as I had  thirty minutes to walk back to Carn Near to hop on a boat back to St Mary's.
  After tea, I enjoyed crippling views of the Citrine Wagtail at Lower Moors with a single Snipe 

This is my firth Scilly Solitary Sandpiper and the last sighting of one on Scilly was on Bryher six ago in October. 

There were 2 Dunlin and this adult Mediterranean Gull on the Abbey Pool

Martin Goodey took this adult Baird's Sandpiper at Lower Moors on the 7th August. He had mistakenly thought he was looking at warn adult Sandling. When he saw my photos of the Baird's on Tresco two day later, he realised that his bird was indeed the same bird!! Nice find mate!! It reminded me of Higgo telling me about a St Mary's birder telling him that he had 3 adult Little Stint on St Agnes one spring. Such a rare record for this time of year. Higgo told Graham Gordon to go and check these stints out and Graham correctly identified them as Sanderling!! Everyone makes mistakes. Man, I've made a few!

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