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Sunday 30 April 2017

Grey-headed Wagtail on Tresco

Scanning Simpsons Field, Tresco and picked up this male Grey-headed wagtail, only my third Scilly record and it was feeding with 2 male Blue-headed and a single Yellow Wagtail

  SE with overnight rain is always a result for good birds turning up and this morning while working I could hear Grasshopper and Sedge Warbler singing and 2 Tree Pipit overhead. Just as Higgo, Ren and myself set off towards Bryher on the 10.15 boat, Cliff Smith let me know that two visiting birders had a Black Kite on Tresco yesterday. I informed the others on St Mary's and as we approached Tresco, we scanned the skies for the kite. Also Graham Cundale text me that he had a Richard's Pipit at Innisidgen and again I let everyone know about. This may have been the Richard's Pipit that was seen on St Martins later on flying towards St Mary's.
  On Bryher we split up and made my ways to Samson Hill where I had 5 Tree Pipit, 3 Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff. It was hard work and it was not until after 12.00 that Ren relocated last weeks or was another Richard's Pipit on the Shipheads Down but it had gone missing. It was relocated in the campsite fields and although it was flighty we all got it briefly on the deck with a female Ring Ouzel. While on St Mary's, the Black Kite was refound in the Porth Hellick area.

Up to 5 Tree Pipit and only 2 Wheatear were on Bryher

This presumed to be a 2nd year Great black-backed Gull in aberrant plumage? We observed it as we made our way across Tresco Channel. Any comments would be welcome on this bird.

The water almost reached up to Higgo's sack and I don't mean the one on his back! Any comments would be more than welcome on this thing!

The 2 Black-winged Stilt were looking a bit fragile wading in the water!! The one on the left caused a tidal wave and it was so big that the one on right nearly drowned!!

  If we wanted to return home we had to wade across the Tresco Channel and once on the Tresco, we only had 45 minutes to walk to Carn Near to catch the boat. on our ways agross we picked up the 3rd year Great-black-backed Gull in odd plumage that Ren had on St Mary's over three weeks ago. Having not much time, I left the other two to dry off and made my way to the Simpsons Field. I could hear an odd flava wagtail and called the other two to get their butts up here! Scanning a marshy area way down the other end, I picked up 4 male flava wagtail. A single Yellow, 2 Blue-headed and a cracking Grey-headeded Wagtail. I quickly put Higgo and Ren on the latter sub-species and a few minutes later, all the wagtails flew up to the Horses and showed very well in front of the hide. On the pool itself there were 60+Swallow and just as we left, I got a text of a possible Red-rumped Swallow heading up The Roads towards Tresco.

Male Grey-headed Wagtail

2 male Blue-headed Wagtail

Here is all three wagtails together. However, the male Yellow Wagtail that we only saw very briefly as it flew off, we noted looked an interesting bird!

  We didn't have much time and we wanted to see it the pair of BLACK-WINGED STILT that were last seen at the SE end of the Great Pool two days ago. Sure enough they were there busy feeding just off shore next to the main path. This time I observed them for a bit longer than the minute that I had at Lower Moors last Monday when they first arrived on Scilly!

The pair of BLACK-WINGED STILT showed very well at the SE end of the Great Pool

  Back on St Mary's, Higgo had to go back to work and Ren and I twitched the Little-ringed Plover that was discovered this morning at Lower Moors. While we were watching the plover, the female Little Bittern flew across and landed on top of the reeds before disappearing. while in the hide, Bobby Dawson texts to say he had a Corn Bunting at Pungies Lane. After seeing 5 Tree Pipit, the bunting showed itself very briefly in flight and perched. This was only my second Scilly record after last years individual at the airfield!
  The Black Kite would of made the day complete but Unfortunately there had been no sign of it since 14.15. Maybe it's returned to Tresco?

After returning from Tresco, Ren and I connected with the female Little Ringed Plover at Lower Moors

Although it kept it's distance, this was only my Second Scilly Corn Bunting that was at Pungis Lane

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Saturday 29 April 2017

Little Bittern at Lower Moors

Female Little Bittern showing out in the open today at Lower Moors at very close range in front of the ISBG hide

 This afternoon, Cliff smith got off the Scillonian, made his ways up to Peninnis and connected with the Short-toed Lark and at Lower Moors, he got cracking views of the female Little Bittern. He then observed a Hoopoe fly over the pool towards Old Town Bay! Pretty good stuff! Thanks to a text from Cliff Smith telling me that the bittern was showing well at Lower Moors, I got meself down there as soon as I could and I wasn't disappointed. I called everyone as the bittern was only a few meters away from me out in the open! It was some 40 minutes when Robin arrived and five minutes later the bird had walked all the way around to the far side of the pool. 8 whimbrel also flew over.
  Yesterday some birders had the pair of BLACK-WINGED STILT that were joined by a Greylag Goose at Simpsons Field, Great Pool, Tresco.

The female Little Bittern was feeding very well but on this occasion it came out with a twig in between it's bill! 


Female Teal

Gulls came into drink and wash very briefly while observing the bittern including this Great black-backed Gull

Willow Warbler

And this was three days ago when she performed very well on the pool with my first 2 Whinchat of the year

This male Black Redstart was at the golf course, 26th

I had this Rook and male Black Redstart at the golf course, 26th, with a female Black Redstart at Giants Castle on the same day


Mark Lanegan this time has teamed up with Eska