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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Large numbers of Chaffinch still hanging out

Olive-backed Pipit at Old Town

  The ESE continue to bring good numbers of migrants in and a walk from Peninnis to Trewince resulted in 110+Skylark, 400+redwing, 150+Fieldfare, 1400+Chaffinch, 7 Firecrest, 8 Yellow-browed Warbler and 14 Black Redstart. Larks, thrushes and finches were flying in throughout the morning. The highlight was the Olive-backed Pipit at Old Town and the Rook at Trewince.

This wall and field were covered in Chaffinch

I saw over 1400 Chaffinch today including this flock of  500 at Trewince. 2 Sparrowhawk were never far away.

Up to 7 Firecrest were seen including 5 at Porthloo where I also had 8 yellow-browed Warbler

Altogether I had 14 Black Redstart with 7 at Carn Leah, 5 at Trewince and 2 at Porthcressa

This is part of the flock of 60+Skylark over Porthloo

Finally caught up with the Rook at Trewince

There is only a single Olive-backed Pipit at Old Town now. At Normandy both the Tree and Olive-backed Pipit were still present. A Woodlark flew over the latter site and a Snow Bunting was at Tolls Hill

  On Tresco a Rustic Bunting was discovered by Andy Holden at Borough Farm where there were also the Olive-backed Pipit, Little Bunting and 4 Yellow-browed Warbler.
  The 3 little Bunting were still at Browarth, St Agnes.

  Yesterday was a better day as I found a Serin and Water Pipit at Salkee, got 4 Siberian Chiffchaff, the Dusky Warbler and Great-spotted Woodpecker at Porth Hellick. the possible Eastern Wagtail was still at the stables and I smashed my personal record of Yellow-browed Warbler with a total of 22 Yellow-browed Warbler. Including the birds I saw today, in two days I would have seen 30 yellow-browed Warbler and I ain't got one picture.

I had 4 Siberian Chiffchaff, including this one at Lower Moors where I also had 6 Yellow-browed Warbler and a single Firecrest

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