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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Salop 3 Stevenage 2

Record shot of the 1st winter Caspian Gull in fields near Granville Tip.

     What a game! Sat in the family area with Aunt Do, two cousins, Brad and Billy, the dog, next door neighbours dog, the goldfish, oh and Uncle Bob was just across the road, all at the Greenhouse Meadow, We watched Salop take on Stevenage. In the first half there were four goals, It started off badly with Stevenage taking the lead but the the Shrews came back. First with Collins followed by Lawrence putting it in the back of the net from a penalty. Stevenage then scored again to make itall square at half time. In the first half there were a lot of Drogba going on, where players, particular on the blues side, went down so easily looking for a free kick. Staying down on the floor for a few minutes waiting for the physio to come on. This seemed to be happening every 2-3 minutes and there was no flow to the game. However, the second half turned out to be a thriller. Salop had the most chances and Collins had a one to one with the Stevenage goalkeeper twice but couldn't put it in the back of the net. Collins made up for the misses and in the 88th minute he finished the game off and Salop made it 3-2 and the crowd went wild!

What do you think of that Geoff?

If the Shrews goalkeeper, Leutwier, wasn't so busy waving to his mum in the crowd, then perhaps Stevenage wouldn't have scored first!

The Shrews came back to 1-1 followed by a penalty that they were very eager to take. 'Can I take it now 'ref''please?'

Come ere darling!

From a Stevenage corner, number 19 was totally unmarked and caused chaos in the Shrews box and was followed by a simple tap in making it 2-2 at half time.

Grant skins a Stevenage defender

An attempt at goal

Collins had a few misses that he should of put away but the 88th minute he finally made it 3-2 to put Salop second in the league!

Mental Mickey celebrating with his players

Mental Mickey about to collapse from the weight of his team! Look at the Stevenage manager's face on both pics.

Mental Mickey delighted with the win

Bofore I watched Salop beat Stevenage 3-2,  I spent 30 minutes with the gulls in the fields at the Telford Crematorium and was rewarded with this 1st winter Caspian Gull making it my second in the county in as many days

This is all I could get on the adult Ring-billedxLesser black-backed gull hybrid thing behind the LBBG and back for it's third winter

The Cackling Goose was in the same field as the gulls

The Stevenage team had a player called Tom Pett. They also had a Zola. Tom Petty singing live Swingin from his amazing album that I listen to a lot 'Echo'

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