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Sunday, 25 March 2012

SCOPS OWL at Porth Hellick!!

HOOPOE at Bants Carn. The 4th or 5th in two days. Martin Goodey 

  So what happened today? Higgo went to Bryher and in the first hour saw a male Ring Ouzel, 20+Chiffchaff and an early Tree Pipit. Later he got 10 Willow Warbler, 6 Black Redstart and stumbled across a Wryneck at Popplestone Bay. Not bad. On St Mary's he got the NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH at Lower Moors and then went down to Porth Hellick an hour before dark. Just after 20.00, as he was approaching the crossroads, he could hear birds mobbing something in trees on the opposite side of the road. He poked his head through, expecting to see a cat, saw some movement, and got a shock when it turned out to be a bloody SCOPS OWL!! Pretty good! As always when Higgo shows his face to birds, the owl quickly moved deeper into cover. He immediately put the news out to Birdnet and was later in the club celebrating with a Guinness or 2, maybe 3, 4...

HOOPOE putting on a good show at Bants Carn

  I didn't have a bad day, I guess. At 11.00 I teamed up with Ritchie and we walked the coastal path from Juliets. Already I had seen 5 Black Redstart and Redwing at Content. We were walking on the lower track of Bants Carn Burial Chamber and was telling Ritchie that I came across a Hoopoe 14-15 odd years ago on this very track. Just as I said that we turned a bend and I casually said 'There's one now' Ritchie came back with 'It's still here after 14 years' The HOOPOE flew overhead and landed at the bottom of the burial Chamber. From here we got to 35-40 ft from it showing very well for the twenty minutes. We also heard a Jackdaw and Whimbrel on the beach below. We left both Martin and Joe with it and continued towards Bar Point. In the space of 5 minutes I saw 3 firsts for the year. 2 Swallow, a Comma Butterfly and in the large pines, the Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Saw 3 Comma Butterflies today

  After it went down hill, but up to 12 White Wagtail, 10+Chiffchaff, the Lapwing and 2 more Comma's all at Carn Friars. The SERIN was relocated at the riding stables by visiting birders and others looking for the Hoopoe got 3 Black Redstart, House Martin and Joe had a female Ring Ouzel. 2 more House Martins wee seen in Town.

Up to 12 White Wagtail were at Carn Friars

Lapwing over Porth Hellick Down

The only Wheatear that I saw alday was this male on the airfield

Have a guess what was sitting on this at 20.10?

Robin got 3 Short-eared Owl on Tresco and got some good pics

'Ashes To Ashes' by Steve Earle

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