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Sunday, 10 July 2011

The seventh Oxyptilus laetus!

My daughter Tean got in act in finding the seventh Oxyptilus laetus for Scilly!  

  After half an hour of looking for insects at Deep Point this evening, I got into Robin's car and waited for Tean. She came running and as she got in, she said that she had an interesting moth and showed it to me in a container. Immediately I could see that she had caught a Oxyptilus laetus! Well done Tean! I had already trapped 4 in this area since the first on the 28th June.

Deep Point is becoming the favored area for this very rare moth  

  Before all of this, on the airfield this morning there was a male Wheatear, 20+Meadow Pipit and 40+Swallow. At 11.45, with Vicky Heaney of the RSPB, we arrived at Annet to work out how many Storm Petrel were breeding on a small stretch of beach on the NE side of the island. With a tape, we would play a recording of the birds and listen to hear if any of the birds replied. Altogether we made out that there were 17 Storm Petrel. Hearing them sounded like they were just below our feet under the boulders.
  We had an hour to kill and also got a single Whimbrel with 25 Curlew, 2 Common Sandpiper and 70+Linnet, including a fledgling. In the NE bay is where the Puffins breed and we counting a total of 12 birds.

Part of the beach where the Storm Petrel breed 

To the left of the picture is where we all enjoyed the only Scilly record of LANCEOLATED WARBLER discoved by Doug Page and Reeston Rigoleto, 22/9/02!! 

The Puffins wouldn't allow us to get too close to them 

We saw a few insects including this Knot Grass caterpillar and 7-spot Ladybird larva 

Leaving Annet in the rib 

At Porth Hellick there were 4 Sand Martin, 2 Teal and the adult Common Sandpiper was joined by a juvenile. On the beach there were single Whimbrel and Greenshank.

I've never seen a Froghopper marked like this individual before 

Juvenile Common sandpiper at Porth Hellick  

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