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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Bolivian Salt Flats Tour 1

Anna crossing the worlds largest salt flat to go and look for some pepper at 11,000-sq-km in Salar de Uyuni, Southwest Bolivia! 

  Continuing the road trip in March in South America, we left Copacabana and made the ten hour overnight road trip with Bolivian Hop Bus to Lapaz. The following morning, with the same bus company, as you could have a discount, we booked a three day tour to visit the Salar de Uyuni salt flats in southwest Bolivia. That night we hopped onto another bus and again made an overnight drive arriving at Uyuni at 05.30! We were both very tired after continues traveling and it wasn't until 07.00 that the tour company picked us up from the bus stop with all our luggage!
  An hour later we in a 4x4 with five other folks including the driver and tour leader. Our first stop was a train cemetery, ten minutes out on the outskirts of town. We didn't really take to this because there were people everywhere walking around or on the trains with music blasting out from kids, topples, shades, caps on backwards and shouting as though everyone else is deaf! It did really feel like you were at an amusement park.


The area of the train cemetery that was so crowded that these were all the photos I could take without anyone being in the image! Believe me, it wasn't that exciting and after ten minutes we were ready to leave!

Puna Yellowfinch
 Our next stop was the reason why we came on this tour to see the largest salt flats in the world! One minute your on a dirt track and the next your traveling over the flats that seemed to end over the horizon! The sun was burning down and we spent most of the time out of the 4x4 on the flats taking photos. As you would expect there were lots of folks doing what we were doin or were we doin what they were doin? Including lunch we spent a good two hours in this area before moving on. I let the photos do you talking..

The number 1 ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard is called 'KRIS!' I had it with every meal including on my crisps although I got told off when I squirted it into the drivers eye while we were driving at night! It wasn't my fault. I asked for cheese onion and they gave me a block of cheese and a slice of onion! All they did have was salt and vinegar crisp and don't like the taste. So I put more ketchup on each crisp to get a better taste. It worked until the light inside didn't work no longer and I put the bloody mustard on instead! It a good job that didn't squirt in the drivers eye!

Having lunch

We had a bit fun with the camera on the flats

Anna found her Russian Federation flag

And I had the right T-shirt on in support of Palestine!

It's another from Mark Lanegan this time with Martinas Topley-bird Martina Gillian Topley-Bird (born Martina Gillian Topley; 7 May 1975)[1] is an English vocalist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who first gained fame as the featured female vocalist on trip hop pioneer Tricky's debut album, Maxinquaye (1995). She also worked with him on his subsequent albums Nearly God and Pre-Millennium Tension (1996). In 2003, Topley-Bird released her debut solo album, Quixotic, which was critically praised and earned her a Mercury Prize nomination.
This was followed by Anything (2004), The Blue God (2008), and Some Place Simple (2010). She has also collaborated with Gorillaz, appearing on their album Demon Days (2005), as well as with Mark LaneganDiplo, and Massive Attack on Heligoland (2010), which she followed by a world tour with the group. Her work has been sampled by such artists as Stephen Marley, Berry Weight, and The Weeknd.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Red-footed Falcon moves to St Martins

1st summer male Red-footed Falcon relocated by Doug Wright at Bread and Cheese Pickled Onion Sandwich Bay, St Martins on the 30th May

  Two days ago, Ren and I made our ways up to Deep Point in the early evening to twitch Bob Dawsons Short-toed Lark that he came across on the short turf. Here we joined Robin and Martin and we found that the lark proved to be very flighty. We did get it on the deck very briefly before it flew off. While we were searching for it, I kicked a Quail from below my feet and shouted to the others who managed to see it before it disappeared over behind the headland. We also had a female Cuckoo.

  On the 30th May, the Red-rumped Swallow that was first seen on Bryher, 27th before moving to Tresco for the next two days was relocated in the evening at Porth Hellick. Here I caught up with it briefly at the crossroads. It had gone 21.00 and Martin and I decided to go and if we could see the 2 Night Heron that was seen earlier in the pool area. We didn't have to wait long as the 2nd summer came in followed by the adult. Both birds were still present yesterday in the same area.

  Also on the 30th, Doug Wright relocated the 1st summer Red-footed Falcon at Bread and Cheese Pickled Onion Cove, St Martins!

Bob 'Dazzler' Dawson found this Short-toed Lark at Deep Point. The second he's found this year! 

Bob Dawson also trapped this Private Hawkmoth 

Male Stonechat


Peter Kirkham, a former senior officer with MET police has states repeatedly that Theresa May is lying about how many armed police units there are, after 7 years of cuts. He said the armed response to Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge was fantastic, but you would not see that type of response elsewhere in the country and cover is threadbare. 

MILLIONAIRE AMBER RUDD, WITH HER TAX HAVENS, YESTERDAY SUCCESSFULLY ASKED THE CHAIR TO INTERVENE AT A HUSTINGS IN RYE TO SILENCE AN OPPOSING CANDIDATE, WILSON,  FOR EXPOSING HER AND MAYS HUSBAND AND HSBC TO THEIR LINKS TO 'TERRORIST FUNDERS' SAUDI ARABIA! If you don't know already, we did a 3 billion arms deal with the Saudi's. These weapons are then used to blow up 1000s of children in Yemen. Also, these weapons are passed on to ISIS! This is what the gentleman was pointing out telling the crowd in the hall that this is contributing to the attacks  in the UK! However, Rudd was having none of it and with the help of the chair, was interrupted and told to stop to the disappointment of the crowd who asked for him to continue telling the truth about the Tory Party and your high street banks.  

Saturday, 27 May 2017

10th RED-FOOTED FALCON for Scilly!

This 1st summer male RED-FOOTED FALCON was found late morning by Viv Jackson where it favored Giants Castle/Salkkee area throughout the day. Viv also found the 7th record for Scilly on St Martins '14!

  Two days ago I was walking in the stiff ESE breeze towards the hides at Porth Hellick and in the Sussex hide Viv Jackson and his wife were scanning the pool. Viv said to me 'I'm glad I bumped into you. I saw a male RED-FOOTED FALCON fly low east across the airfield at 11.25!' That was an hour ago. Viv doesn't have a mobile so without hesitation I put the news out and the hunt was on to try and relocate it. It was some hour later that it was refound at Giants Castle/Salkee area but when Higgo and I got up there it had not been seen for over an hour! Higgo went off with Sammy towards Salkee and I headed towards Giants Castle. I was speaking to Robin on the coastal path to where the pines end as you hit Salkee Down and he told me that he had been looking for it all over the shop and givin up. I headed up towards the down and only took a few steps after leaving Robin and shouted 'Ere it is!' It flew overhead and made it's way on to the down where we observed it hoving. Higgo and Sammy joined us and we all observed the falcon hunting the down distantly for a good ten minutes before it flew off. After an hour there was no sign of it and I had to return to work. It was seen briefly later on and the following morning it was seen again til about 09.00 and then moved on never to be seen again!

Record shots of the falcon as it hunting over the down. This is the forth year in a row that a Red-footed Falcon has been recorded on scilly!

You do realise that a current SERVING Conservative politician was literally a MEMBER of the IRA, right?

While the mainstream media focuses on Jeremy Corbyn’s alleged “support” for the IRA, it is conveniently ignoring a Conservative politician who actually used to be a member. And even said that:
I agreed with the shooting of British soldiers and believed the more who were killed the better.

Smear. Lie. Repeat

Following last week’s release of their shambolic manifesto, Theresa May’s poll ratings have taken a significant slump in the past couple of days. To accompany this downturn we’ve see the Tories’ loyal attack dogs in the media attempting to smear the opposition with anything they can get their hands on.
This morning on Sky, Sophy Ridge conducted an interview with Corbyn that focused intensely on the Labour leader’s history with the IRA. Despite Corbyn condeming the violence carried out by both sides several times during the interview, the media have somehow decided that Corbyn ‘refused to condemn’ the IRA. Despite the fact he literally did
Aside from the media’s twisting of Corbyn’s words, there is another prime example of its blatant hypocrisy for all to see. Because a sitting Conservative Party councillor actually used to be a member of the IRA.

Tory terrorist?

Maria Gatland is a Tory councillor in Croydon, South London. But in a previouslife she was known as Maria McGuire; a member of the Provisional IRA and lover of one of it’s top dogs David O’Connell. She detailed her life in the group in a book called To Take Arms: My Year With The IRA Provisionals. And she pulled no punches in describing just what she was involved in.
As The Belfast Telegraph documented in 2008, Gatland went on an arms-buying mission with O’Connell to the continent. It reported that:
O’Connell took her to the Continent on an abortive mission to buy modern arms to replace old equipment. The old stuff would malfunction during gun battles, which she said was ‘particularly annoying for the really good snipers’. Their travels took them to Zurich, Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris, but they constantly felt they were being followed. In France, McGuire wrote: ‘At one period I thought seriously about using my gun on one of our shadows’.
But after their cover was blown by a British newspaper, they were forced to flee back to Ireland. Even after Gatland admitted in a press conference that the pair were trying to buy weapons for the IRA, they were still not arrested.

Shocking words

She also said in the book:
I remember occasions where we heard late at night that a British soldier had been shot and seriously wounded in Belfast or Derry and we would hope by the morning he would be dead.
I accepted the bombing of Belfast and when civilians were accidentally blown to pieces dismissed this as one of the unfortunate effects of urban guerrilla warfare.

A change of heart

But Gatland soon began to realise that she was being “very naive”. And after the Bloody Friday bombings, when up to 22 bombs were detonated in Belfast in just over an hour, killing 11 and injuring 130, she left. Gatland said:
I was very concerned about what was happening to my country and believed joining the IRA was the way to do something about it. I began to realise it wasn’t something I wanted to be involved in and so I left. I realised violence was not the answer and I now abhor violence.
But according to The Daily Mail, her links with the IRA were only exposed because she was accidentally called “Councillor McGuire” at a Croydon council meeting. Therefore, forcing her hand to reveal her past. At the time, in 2008, she resigned as education chief of the Conservative-run council, and considered leaving the party entirely – but never actually did.

“Deeply regret”

She currently sits on the Shadow Shadow Cabinet for Children, Families & Learning. Gatland said of her time in the Provisional IRA and rise to Tory councillor:
I wanted to put something back into the community and I think I have done since I was elected to the council. I deeply regret that I have caused problems for my colleagues who I hold in very high regard

Steaming hypocrisy

Gatland appears to have renounced her past with the IRA, and obviously this has satisfied her peers and bosses in the Conservative Party, as she is happily still representing them. But no such treatment is given to Corbyn – even though any contact he had with the IRA was in the context of the peace process in Northern Ireland.
Gatland’s past and her ascension to some height in politics shows the utter hypocrisy at the heart of UK politics and media. While it is seemingly OK to support and be actively involved in terrorism if you’re a Tory, trying to instill a lasting peace in one of the most troubled parts of the world, if you’re a left-wing Labour politician, condemns you for the rest of your career.

If you want to vote for a party on the 8th June who wants to bring back fox hunting and ivory trade, pledges to kill the NHS, kill the disabled, kill the poor, kill the economy, kill democracy,  kill education, kill pensioners and kill human rights! Also had a Tory Councilor who was an ex-IRA member, until a few days ago when she resigned after being exposed. I'll repeat that  Then vote for the lying party (Conservative) All download proceeds from before the 8 June election will go to food banks across the UK, and to The People’s Assembly Against Austerity. The hope is to get the song into the Top 40 so the BBC will have to play it.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

3 Night Heron at Porth Hellick

One of the 3 Night Heron at Porth Hellick yesterday afternoon

  Two days ago we all observed the adult Night Heron roosting in sallows at Carn Friars. Yesterday Robin went to have a look at it in the same area and discovered 3 Night Heron roosting together! In the afternoon I got a call from Dave telling me that 2 Night Heron were in front the Sussex hide. A cracking adult was trying to sleep while behind it, there was a second summer walking around. Both birds showed well before flying off towards Carn Friars to join the other adult that was roosting in the sallows.

This is the adult that's been hanging around the Porth Hellick area for the last week and has been identified a different adult from the lack of a gap in the wing that was at Lower Moors

Second summer behind and adult Night Heron at Porth Hellick

Before both birds flew off towards nearby Carn friars

This Hooded Crow spent a few days on the golf course last week

A male Garganey spent a day at Porth Hellick

Male Gadwall

Golden Plover at the airfield

Song Thrush


Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes is an album produced by T Bone Burnett featuring a collective of musicians recording under the moniker The New Basement TapesElvis CostelloRhiannon GiddensTaylor GoldsmithJim James and Marcus Mumford.[1]
The album consists of a series of tracks based on recently uncovered lyrics handwritten by Bob Dylan in 1967. Probably written in the period between his motorcycle accident (July 29, 1966) and the first recordings in the spring of 1967 in the "Red Room" in Dylan's house, where the first recordings of The Basement Tapes took place. The album was released November 11, 2014 in both a standard 15-track release and a "Deluxe Version" featuring 20 tracks.