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Saturday, 9 July 2011

And still no apology from Murdoch

  I didn't want to go political in anyway on this blog. I let the music on the video bars to the left do all the talking in what's going wrong in this world today. If I did write down what I feel about, then there would be no room at all for my almost daily observations. However, in the last few days, a lot of friends have said to me 'You never liked Murdoch or Cameron and that's why your so upset. If they weren't involved in this, then you wouldn't share your opinions on the subject' Of course I'm talking about the hacking scandal and my friends saying that, made my blood boil. And that's how I feel about this whole affair. These are my opinions and make them what you will.

    We have all been aware about phone-hacking for sometime now and something could of been done about it years ago. However, it wasn't and it still continues to this day and the people who maybe responsible for the hacking, get a second chance. Get a second chance? That's what David Cameron said when he took on Andy Coulson as director of communications, after Coulson was questioned by police about phone-hacking during his time as the editor of NOTW, back in 2007. Shortly afterwards he resigned from being editor, someone who's questioned about very serious allegations, goes on to team up with the government. Surely, wouldn't you employ someone's who's clean, with no allegations, and is not the editor of a tabloid? Cameron was warned about Coulson, of him being involved with someone who's corrupt, that a bombs going to explode if you hire him. Cameron didn't heed that advice and believes in giving people a second chance. Well so do I. However, when you give someone another chance, doesn't that mean that there also guilty in the first place? A lot of MP's believe that there phones were also hacked by the NOTW. Imagine how they must of felt when Coulson was only a stones throw away when in parliament and how they must be feeling now?
  We also all now know that Coulson is at the moment, going through the emotions of deja-vu. On Friday just gone, he was arrested and questioned, for the second time, for the same allegations. Only this time, he's also being questioned for giving authority to payments by journalists of thousands of pounds to corrupt police officers. Doesn't this beg the question, what the hell is our government doing employing people like this? Remember, Tony Blair was also very close friends with Coulson and who did Blair appoint as his director of commutations? Another editor from the tabloid world, Alastair Campbell, who was also under suspicion of phone hacking!

  Both Blair and Cameron were also involved and good friends with Rebekah Brooks and Ruppert Murdock. Brooks has also been accused of being involved with the hacking affair, at the time, while she was editor of TNOW. Yesterday she addressed the employers of the TNOW, that the last issue will be published tomorrow. Understandably, everyone was upset, because there work with the TNOW, had no involvement with the whole hacking scandal. However, Brooks still keeps her job and has now come forward and said that somethings going to happen next year and she could not give away any further details.
  Then we've got that Australian, Ruppert Murdock. His name has got controversial written all over it and has been involved in politics both here and abroad. The Murdock Empire. This man has exceptional influence as an international media magnate, as well as his consistent interest in and involvement with political issues. He spent time with presidents and can influence prime ministers, Blair and Cameron, to try and get to where he wants them. In Cameron's case, a flight on a private jet to a private party, hosted by Murdoch. To me it's like a Bond movie, where fiction could become reality. It's scary how a man with all the money in the world, can and does, do what the hell he wants. I believe that he knew what was going on in his murky tabloid world and I hope that justice will be done.

  Perhaps we wouldn't have this problem of phone hacking if it wasn't for the public wanting the news so bad and so quick. Is it us that are causing the problem by buying any paper that has gone to great lengths, like phone-hacking, to get the story that will sell?

  Take for example, the royal family. The very people who say, 'it's disgusting how the media treat the royal family. Why can't they just leave them alone?' Are the very people who buy the rubbish in the first place and keep it going. Myself, I'm not interested in what the royal family do, except when they spend a lot of are money on stupidity. What about flying a Chinook helicopter to a party, while there were British solders fighting and dying abroad because there wasn't the funds there to provide them with the right gear! I'm not going to buy a paper if it's got a story or exclusive pictures of the private lives of the royal family. It's the people who like the royal family that want to know what they've been up to, good or bad. And the only way there going to know that, is to buy that very paper. In turn, that keeps it rolling.

  So I agree that it is disgusting how sometimes the media treats the royal family by intruding into their personal and private lives. It's also damn sick and disgusting how the NOTW hacked into phones of the loved ones of solders killed in the Iraqi war and a murdered school girl!!!! They may have hacked into no less than 4000 phones! BUT, we still go out and buy the paper that has got that exclusive story, having no idea how they got it and I guess, don't even think about it, until it's too late!

  If it wasn't for the fact the top brands pulled out of advertising in NOTW, then would they have needed to close down the highest British selling newspaper?? Oh, and the NOTW have made it clear that there last issue, sold tomorrow, all the revenue will go to good causes. So, does that mean that you will go out and buy the The Sun on Sunday next week?

Just think, the money that the government takes out of our wages, taxes, is now funding an investigation into their own corruption.

  In 2005, Coulson was interviewed and he said that "Tabloid newspapers in this country do more for its people than any other newspapers in the world"

...And still no apology from Murdock

Adult Common Sandpiper at Porth Hellick 

  On the bird front, the only sightings of note were, a single Common Sandpiper and a family of Blackcap and Reed Warbler at Porth Hellick. 17 Black-headed Gull, including 2 juveniles, 4 Curlew and a single Redshank were at Porthloo. At Deep Point a single Dunlin and Whimbrel flew past.

Martin showed me this yesterday. It's a Red Rumex Weevil and is the size of a pin-head

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