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Friday, 15 July 2011

3 Mediterranean Gull at Porthloo

Adult Mediterranean Gull  at Porthloo

  Working all day in drizzle and returning home from work just after 18.00, I arrived at Porthloo Beach. It was high tide and I parked up close to the shore on the top of the bank. With my naked eye I could see 2 adult and the 1st summer Mediterranean Gull feeding just below me with 31 Black-headed Gull, the same number as yesterday. I love Med Gulls and there will be more shots of them if they stick around
  At 19.15, I was at Deep Point with Martin and for the next hour all we saw, was a single Balearic Shearwater and 15+Manx Shearwater at close range.  


2 Adult and 1st summer Mediterranean Gull 

There were up to 4 juvenile Black-headed Gull 

Dichrorampha alpinana or Dichrorampha petiverella This moth can only be separated by genitalia dissection

Endotricha flammealis Both moths were caught in me garden.

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