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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Second Scilly DARK SPINACH!

DARK SPINICH Although common on the mainland, this is only the second to be recorded on Scilly! 

  Overnight I went out and did over an hour of mothing in the garden and the fields nearby. Fog was rolling in with drizzle and lots of Mother of Pearls were on the wing. At Content, I had just trapped a Shark feeding on Honey Suckle when this moth flew by and I caught it. I could see it was something different, but it wasn't until I returned home that I identified it as only the second DARK SPINACH to be recorded on Scilly! The first record was trapped in Mick's garden, Longstones, 5/8/03.


The Shark 

A total of 40 moths

1 Shark
1 Peach Blossom
1 Pinnon-streaked Snout
1 Small Magpie 
1 Fanfoot
1 Buff Footman 
1 Phlyctaenia coronata 
1 White Ermine 
1 Broard-barred White 
1 Magpie 
1 Large-yellow Underwing
1 Turnip Moth 
1 Bramble-shot Moth 
2 Dingy Footman 
2 Clay 
2 Bright line-brown Eye
2 Smoky Wainscot 
2 The Lichnis 
2 Grass Emerald 
2 Dark Twin-spot Carpet 
2 Sandy Carpet 
2 Garden Carpet 
2 Willow Beauty
2 Yellowshell
2 Single-dotted Wave 
2 Double-striped Pug 
2 Swallowtail
3 Small Bloodvain 
3 Snout 
3 Early Thorn 
3 Chrysoteuchia culmella  

4 Rusty-dot Pearl 
4 Small Fan-footed Wave 
5 Riband Wave 
6 Dark Arches 
6 Common Rustic
10+Twenty-plume Moth 
10+Blastobasis adustella 

20+Mother of Pearl 

  At Mick's late this morning, we emptied the moth traps and the only moth of note was a Mouse Moth with only 2-3 trapped a year. A Four-spotted Footman was my first of the year and there were up to 3 Herald inside. There was also a single Willow Warbler in his garden 

3 Herald  

Later in the day, I walked from Holy Vale to Porth Hellick and had a total of 20+Willow Warbler, 5 Chiffchaff and 7 Blackcap. A single Common Crossbill over Higher Moors was probably one of the Longstone birds. Over 60 Swallow were at Porth Hellick and on the airfield there was a single 'Northern' Golden Plover.

 'Northern' Golden Plover somewhere in the dense fog at the airfield

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