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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

SOLITARY SANDPIPER at Newford Duck Pond!

SOLITARY SANDPIPER showing down to a few meters! 

  When is it going to stop? Early this morning, Smoothy had relocated the Spotted Sandpiper at Carn Leh near Old Town. By the time everyone had got there, it had moved on. Just after mid-day, it came on the pager that there was a possible Spotted Sandpiper at Newford Duck Pond. I was just about to go and get the flowers from nearby Trenowth and I had to pass the pond. As I drove past, I could see a wader asleep on the mud and could clearly see that it was not going to be a spot sand. I already had an idea what it was. I put my bins on it and said  'IT'S A SOLITARY SANDPIPER!' amazing! It was only a few metres in front of us and Chris and Jukiet, regular visiting birders, told me that they found it on the road and pushed it on to the pond before the local cat had a go at it. I quickly called everyone and then put the news out to Birdnet. Within minutes I could hear the screeching tyres of Higgo coming down the road! It was obviously exhausted, but later when I returned, I found it on the other pond feeding meters away from all the observers.

Chris and Juliet first found it exhausted on the road next to Newford Duckpond and pushed onto the pond before the local moggy had it in it's month!

This is how I first saw it

More to follow. No time now

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