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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

ORTOLAN BUNTING just down me road

Looking from me garden first thing this morning. The telephone wires leading down to Maypole Triangle, that you can only just see because of the fog, is where the Ortolan Bunting was perched on.
  Just before I set off to work, the first bird I see, as I pull out of the drive, is the ORTOLAN BUNTING on the wires above the road that Niel Glenn found yesterday. On the Dead Pine Walk, Garrison, there were 3 Spotted Flycatcher, 2 Backcap and Chiffchaff, 1 Goldcrest and  8 Chaffinch flew NW. A flock of 20+Blue and 4 Great Tit moved through the pines pretty quick.

This cute little fellow was in me garden getting stuck into the blackberries. Seeing this picture might make you think twice before putting that blackberrie in your month that you've just picked. I carried on and helped myself to the berries as well that the rat was feeding on and they tasted bloody good! 

There were 2 Silver Y around Star Castle

I came across this Collard Dove at work and picked it up. I couldn't work out what was wrong with it until I saw the otherside of the bird. I took it to the vets and she reckoned a cat had attacked it.

  Just after 14.00, I was driving down from the work garden, when I saw a large raptor flying away from me over The Roads. I got me bins on it and could see that it was the HONEY BUZZARD, that Paul found two days ago on Tresco.  It circled a few times and then made it's way towards Bryher, before turning towards Tresco.

 There were 9 Mediterranean Gull at Porthloo this evening. At 18.15 and I took the short cut across the fields to Martins house to see what moths he had trapped overnight. Through one of the fields, I flushed the ORTOLAN BUNTING and got a good flight view before it settled on a Bracken hedge out of sight. As the fog started to cover the island again, a male and female Sparrowhawk flew out from Holy Vale, a single Snipe flew over and the 4 local Raven were very vocal.

Black Rustic is a very common moth on Scilly

Martin trapped 2 Vestal which was a new species for me

Does any one what species of larva this is that I found in me garden?

This Shag, superb shot taken by Martin Goody, was fishing in the shallows off Porthloo this evening

Andy Gardener watched the third BLACK KITE of the year fly over Hell Bay, Bryher,  before being seen later over the Tresco Great Pool and Graham did it again by finding his third AQUATIC WARBLER this september at the Big Pool, St Agnes. The AGP returned to St Martins. 

These photos of a Minke Whale were taken on the 15th September, between St Agnes and Gugh, by Nick Tomalin. The bottom shot shows St Agnes in the front and Gugh in the back, and you can just make out the whale in between to give an idea of how far up the channel it was.

I was listening to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers from the album The Live Anthology (Deluxe Edition) while doing the blog. I prefer the version  from the 1999 album, Echo.

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