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Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Juvenile AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER at the airfield. Can you make it out in the fog?

   Graham stayed overnight and cooked roasted veg with pizza. I've got a feeling that people are going to start talking about us, after me spending the night at his place the day before.
  First thing this morning a Tree Pipit flew NW over work and there was a Wheatear on the lawn. Later on, it was the turn of one of the juvenile PECTORAL SANDPIPERS to feed next to the juvenile LESSER YELLOWLEGS on Higgo's project. Both waders performed at very close range in front of Graham and myself.

PEC and LESSERLEGS together on Higgo's project

  A look from the control tower found the 1st summer WOODCHAT SHRIKE on the posts at the north end of the airfield. Just below the windsock were the 4 juvenile BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER and at about 14.00, I got a call from Bryan to tell me that the juvenile AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER from St Martins, was on the airfield. So when the airport shut, Ritchie, Robin and I went looking for it, if we could find the airport! You could not see in front of your face, because of the dense fog and as result of not getting lost, while walking across the airfield, we held hands. People are going to start talking again. Nearing the runway we could see 2 silhouetted plovers feeding on the edge. You could easily make out which one was the yank from the European. Both birds ran across to the otherside of the runway and after ten minutes, we left them alone. Now we had to find our way back.

Juvenile AMERICAN and Golden Plover taken in the fog

We only just saw the 4 Juvenile BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER on the return back, while trying to find me van! 

The quay looking very busy this afternoon

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