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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

BALTIMORE ORIOLE at the Garrison!!

1st winter female BALTIMORE ORIOLE, pig fields, Garrison

 Returning from the hangers, after watching Murray's plane leave with Gayna, mum and ant Do to St Just, there waiting for me was the 1st summer female WOODCHAT SHRIKE. With me wagon, I crept closer and closer, until she was by my side, at very close range, on top of the brambles. The Ruff was still with the 4 juvenile BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER on the airfield.

Used me wagon as a hide to get closer to the 1st summer WOODCHAT SHRIKE and it payed off

  I was pleased to hear that the 1st winter female BALTIMORE ORIOLE was still present on the Garrison. However, it was not until my second attempt that I connected with it. I saw a small crowd looking over the pig fields, to where the bird has been favouring, but carried on and made my way down towards the Lower Broom Platform. Here there were no birders and with in minutes I had relocated it! It showed very well at close range in the lower part of a large pine next to the path. As it started making it's way slowly higher and deeper into the pine, it became more obscured by twigs and branches. It then started to preen itself and it gave me the oppuntunty to video it.
  This individual was not as bright as the 1st winter male that I managed to see at Popplestone, Bryher, 28/9/99, but it's still a cracking bird!

1st winter female BALTIMORE ORIOLE taken in the pig fields

And this is how I saw it, just around the corner in a large pine at Lowe Broom Platform

Here's a few shots taken by Robin Mawer

Looking from Porthloo this evening

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