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Thursday, 22 September 2011

NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH on Higgo's project!

The NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH showed superbly this evening on Higgo's project, Dump Clump Bryan Thomas

  This morning there were 4 Chiffchaff near the garden, a male Merlin (first of the autumn) and immature male Sparrowhawk flew over. Lots of Swallows around the island including 60+ at Trewince and a Spotted Flycatcher was at Lower Moors.

immature male Sparrowhawk over me garden

  I had to meet the 18.20 helicopter to pick up one of the guest. Little did I know that he was a twitcher! His main priority was to see the waterthrush. I asked him if he wanted to go and see if it was on Higgo's project, as it has be performing well here for the last few mornings and evenings, on the way to Star Castle. As we walked towards the project, we were told that it was showing now! We started running and found 8 birders watching it from the side. For the next half an hour  it was always on view showing very well. Others who have twitched this bird have failed to connect, but Paul Morris gets off the chopper and with in ten minutes he's watching the NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH picking off insects on the mud on Higgo's project!

The hard graft of Higgo's hands has created this small boggy area, known as Higgo's project, and it has paid off. Note the small hide looking over it. Infact, That's Higgo's home and that's why he always looks like he's been pulled out of a hedge backwards

The people who found the waterthrush, Trevor and Julie Davis, also saw Smoothy's juvenile female GOSHAWK on Tresco today!

Robin joined the skipper of the Sapphire, Joe Pender, for an all day palegic, 10 north of St Mary's

Over 20 Sabine's Gulls were seen. The largest number ever recorded in Scilly waters

8+Sooty Shearwater were also seen with 10+Great Skua, 20+Storm Petrel, 2 Mediterranean Gull, 150+Common Dolphin and 1 Blue Shark.

The french trawler that produced all the birds


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