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Friday, 16 September 2011

Dotterel at the airfield

Juvenile Dotterel feeding with 4 BUFF-BREASTRED SANDPIPER at the airfield

  Just after 08.00, I was leaving Star Castle with guests in back of me wagon, when Joe called to say that he had 16 Brent Geese in Old Town Bay. A few days ago, Bill Oddie had 9 come in on Bryher. We passed by on the way to the airport and found them below Tolmans Cafe. I took a few shots from me wagon then had to make a move.

16 Brent Geese, Old Town Bay

Chris Griffin

As drove past Newford Duckpond, I couldn't miss the juvenile SOLITARY SANDPIPER as it fed at the side of the road!

  Later in morning, a look from the control tower found a juvenile Dotterel with the 4 BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER

I was just about to jump into the shower when the mobile went off. 'Have you got the van?' On the other end was a very frantic Ritchie. 'Two people have just seen a possible Northern waterthrush at Lower Moors in front of the hide!' I looked out of the window 'I't's bloody dark!' 'It's got to be worth a shout' With Gayna, I picked up Higgo, Chris and Ritchie and with in a few minutes we were looking out from the ISBG hide. In the blackness, god knows how, but we managed to see the Greenshank, Moorhen and the PECTORAL SANDPIPER! But no waterthrush. Some regular visiting birders, Trevor and Julie Davis, were 100% sure that they had a Northern Waterthrush at about 19.15 for ten minutes in front of the hide, before shooting off into the horse paddock! As Nigel just lived around the corner, they let him know and Nigel then let us all know.

A crazy bunch rushing down to the hides at Lower Moors, if we could find them in the dark.

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