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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Scilly Record: 19 Mediterranean Gulls!


How many Mediterranean Gulls can you see in this shot?

  This morning was a kind of a repeat from yesterday morning. The 3 juvenile BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER I could see from the control tower at the airport and the juvenile PECTORAL SANDPIPER was showing at very close range in front of the seaward hide.

The juvenile PECTORAL SANDPIPER was having a morning stretch at Porth Hellick

  Later in the afternoon, with Bryan, I had a look at the juvenile WOODCHAT SHRIKE in the fields just past the campsite shop, Garrison, but it stayed it's distance. The flava wagtail also flew over calling.

Juvenile WOODCHAT SHRIKE keeping it's distance

  At 16.30 it was high tide at Porthloo and there were good numbers of gulls feeding close in on the waters edge. I scanned through them and could see there were a lot of Mediterranean Gulls. Three times I counted 16 1st winters, 2 adult and a 2nd winter. A Scilly record of 19 Mediterranean Gulls!

I can count 8 in this shot

A 2nd winter

There were 2 adults

Up to 16 1st winters were feeding on the shore

  As I came through the hide at Lower Moors, Andy Cunningham (the guy who found the Nighthawk on Telegraph Road a few years back) told me that he had a juvenile PECTORAL SANDPIPER on the far side. A quick call to Joe, who was at Porth Hellick, comfirmed that it was the same bird having a break from Porth Hellick.

The Porth Hellick PEC was trying out Lower Moors for a change
  Between 18.30-19.30 Robin and I did a seawatch off Deep Point. It was a SWW F6 and with in ten minutes, we got a Grey Phalarope followed later by 2 Sooty and Manx Shearwater. All birds were flying west and at close range.

Looking out from Deep Point

  Both the BAIRD'S and PEC SAND were still together on the Big Pool, St Agnes, but there was no sign of the Aquatic warbler.

Matin got 8 LAPLAND BUNTINGS at Peninnis

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