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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Another flatworm, another Firecrest!

Kontikia ventrolineata Flatworm at Bar Point. This could be the first Scilly record of this non-native flatworm!  

  As I dropped somes guys off at Bar Point, I thought I would spend my lunch break here, as I had to take them back to Star Castle in an hour. Despite the very cold NNE wind and it being slightly choppy out in The Roads, I had a scan from the quarry and got a single Black-throated and 5 Great Northern Diver. Walking down to the beach there were 6 Whimbrel roosting with 9 Bar-tailed Godwits. I returned back to the wagon, I got a call to say that they were going to be ten minutes late. To pass the time, I started lifting up rocks and wood to see what I could find underneath. As result, I found Large Yellow Underwing Moth caterpillar and a Flatworm sp!? Before this I never seen one and now I've found two in just over a week! This one was shiney black with two brownish lines down the side and a lot smaller than last weeks AUSTRALIAN FLATWORM! I'll try and identify the flatworm later tonight..

Note the two greyish lines. This rules out the native Land Flatworm, Microplana terrestris

Kontikia ventrolineata Flatworm at Bar Point. Note the pale area in the center. This is a scar from where the worm has layed it's eggs.. T
Large Yellow Underwing Moth caterpillar at Bar Point

Up to 9 Bar-tailed Godwit were roosting with 6 Whimbrel at Bar Point

  Just before dark, I found myself at Kittidown and what do I hear? A male Firecrest singing, just before it goes to roost! After a minute, I located the bird at close range and managed to get a record shot. All my photos are record shots!

Is this yesterdays male Firecrest from Porth Hellick?

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