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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

2 Black-necked Grebe off Innisidgen!


Male White Wagtail at the airfield  

  Late morning, the wind had died down from the NE, the sun was out and it felt like a proper spring day. The water inbetween the islands was like a mill pond and just before mid-day, I had a scan off Bar Point. It was not until I scanned to the East, looking inbetween the Eastern Isles and St Martins, that I picked up 6 dots way off in the distance on the water. Three together just below the Daymark, were Slavonian Grebe, but the other 3 birds, more towards the Eastern Isles and further away, I made out as 2 Black-necked Grebe and what looked like another Slavonian Grebe! I decided I needed to get closer and drove all the way around to Innisidgen. Here I located the 3 Slavonian Grebe immediately at much closer range followed by the 2 Black-necked and a Slavanion Grebe! Higgo joined me and we noticed that one of the Black-necks was almost in summer plumage while the other bird was still moulting. They were brief signs of courtship display and very often the Slav Grebe would interact with them. On Scilly, this is only my fifth and sixth Black-necked Grebe on the islands. The first was also two birds together, back in August '99, when James Siddle found 2 juvs on Abbey Pool, Tresco!
  Also out on the water there was 6 imm/fem Common Scoter, 20+Great Northern and the adult Black-throated Diver. 

St Martins in the distance and you can just see a hint of the Eastern Isles above the tall pines. Inbetween those islands is where I spotted the Grebes looking from here, Bar Point. 

I found these 2 Square-spot Rustic caterpiller also at Bar Point 

 At the airport, I could only find a pair of Pied Wagtail, a duller looking White Wagtail than yesterdays bird, 2 Skylark and a fem Sparrowhawk. 8 alba Wagtails flew NE over Star Castle and at Telegraph there was a single Mistle Thrush and 14 Golden Plover.



Male White and a pair of Pied Wagtail at the airfield 

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