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Thursday, 3 March 2011

There are 2 Firecrest!

Kontikia ventolineata at Star Castle

                                        Australian Flatworm at Star Castle

 Searching around the Star Castle Garden and what do I find under a plank of wood? 2 flatworm sp! This evening on the net, I ID them as 100% Kontikia ventolineata!  These are a lot smaller, thinner than the one I found a few days ago. Also they show two pale narrow lines on there back. Their origin is unknown but likely to be Australia or New Zealand where they are found in urban and horticultural land, garden centres and similar commercial places. K ventrolineata feeds on any small invertebrates that it can catch, including snails and possibly slugs.
  Only a step away from these 2 flatworm, I find 2 Austrailian Flatworm! I think we can say that these two species are a lot more common on the island than we think or at least in the Star Castle Garden anyway.

  So what was the flatworm I found at Bar Point? I sent the photos to a leading expert and hope he will be able to ID it.

Kontikia ventolineata at Star Castle
2 Australian Flatworm at Star Castle. Later I killed them both. 

  Ritchie and I went to Porth Hellick this evening and on the pool there were the 2 fem Wigeon, pair of Teal, 2 Coot and new in, 1st winter male Pochard. We had only been in the hide a few minutes and I could hear the male Firecrest nearby. We got it, as it moved through fast and was joined by the SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF for a brief moment. I was on the wrong side of the bush at the time. I think we can safely say there are 2 Firecrest with the other bird at nearby Kittidown that I saw two evenings ago, also going to roost.. There were also 2 Chiffchaff heard and as we drove back to town, 2 Woodcock flew over by the airport turning. Also, earlier today, I watched a Speckled Wood fly by at Green Farm! Martin also had a Comma at Trenowth!

Comma Butterfly at Trenowth Martin Goodey 

1st winter male Pochard at Porth Hellick 

Looking from Star Castle, a yacht leaves St Mary's in the hazy weather with Tresco in the back ground 

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