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Monday, 7 March 2011

At last the first spring migrant!

  Sunset from Star Castle 

 Pair of Stonechats at Porth Hellick  

   While waiting for a plane to come in this afternoon, a flock of wagtails landed in the car park area, right in front of me. There were 15 male Pied Wagtail and a superb male White Wagtail! No doubt just arrived today in these cold NEE winds that we have had for a week now. No sooner had I scanned through them, they were up and gone.

2 Peacock Butterflies enjoying the sun at Porth Hellick 

Male Stonechat at Porth Hellick 

In the Star Castle Garden, I lifted up two stones and found single Australian Flatworm under each one, including one of the worms in the process of consuming an Earthworm. This is very worrying and the invasion could seriously damage the ecosystem, if nothing is done about it. It really does make you wonder how many are in the garden?! Remember, the first UK record was here on Scilly  in 1980. That would give them 31 years or more to get around! 
A scan off Star Castle into The Roads found 26 Great Northern Diver and the adult Black-throated Diver   

Ruby Tiger Caterpiller at Star Castle 

An Australian Flatworm just about to have it's dinner! 

Sunset from Star Castle 

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