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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Still no Wheatear!

This smart 1st summer male Black Redstart was feeding with 3 imm/fem birds at the quarry, Deep Point Martin Goodey 

 In the bright warm sunshine, Tean and I tried a new site for rock pooling. The small quarry at Deep Point, I thought, might be a good place to find some new species. On the way there, we dipped the net in the stream, that runs from Holy Vale to Porth Hellick, and caught two species of Pond Snail? A quick look at Carn Friars found 2 Linnet, 7 Chiffchaff, up to 15 Moorhen were in one of the flooded fields and only a single Firecrest, that was on show all the time, only a few meters away in front of me!


and going through Holy Vale 

Tean dipping the net into the stream that flows next to the path at Higher Moors 

Wandering Snail 

And this is what she caught. Two species of Pond Snail and a Caddisfly larva in it's case.

Our first Red Admiral of the year resting in the sun at Porth Hellick

The ten minutes I observed this Firecrest, out in the open in all that time, could I get a good shot of it!? 

 Snowflakes at Porth Hellick

Red Velvet Earth Mite at Carn Friars


Spider sp? at Carn friars 

  After half an hour of looking under rocks and stones at the quarry, we had caught nothing! However, new in were 4 Black Redstart sharing the quarry with us, including a smart 1st summer male! We decided to return to Porth Hellick and try the pools there. The tide was not all that far out, but we did see some interesting things including a creature that we could not put a name to!? Hopefully I will be able to ID it later.

 What is this? 

Beadlet Anemone at Porth Hellick

Green Tiger Beetle at Deep Point 

Yellow Dung Fly at Deep Point 

Imm/fem Black Redstart at the quarry, Deep Point 

Fungi? at Carn Friars 

  Graham from St Angnes has had 3 Firecrest and in his garden, a male Siberian Chiffchaff singing! Also, almost every county in the UK has had there first Wheatear and still were waiting for the first to arrive on Scilly.

Higher Moors 

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  1. Your spiny creature looks like a small Sea Urchin of some kind.