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Monday, 28 February 2011

Firecrest at Porth Hellick

Sunset looking from Porthloo

The male Firecrest at Porth Hellick

  I thought it would be worth checking out Porth Hellick for the Short-eared Owl this evening. When I arrived, I found Ritchie leaving one of the hides. He moved on to look at the beach, while I went into the hide he had just come out of. I had been in there for a few minutes when I heard a male Firecrest singing outside. I rushed out and started looking for it. Ritchie returned and we both saw the Firecrest showing well, on and off, for the next ten minutes. This is more than likely the same male we saw here on the 17th Feb. It was almost dark and I made my way back to the road. As I cycled home, I managed to see 2 Woodcock and Pipistrelle Bat fly over in front of me.

With the light almost gone, I was surprised to get these shots of this Firecrest as it played hide and seek!
    At work, I found a Woodlouse and Nesury Web Spider, both in the building of the swimming pool. 

I read later, that the fangs of a Woodlouse Spider are designed to pierce through the hard outer shell of Woodlouse and my skin!

Male Nursey Web Spider at Star Castle

Another shot of the sunset looking from Porthloo

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