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Monday, 21 March 2011

Black Redstart singing!

 2 Early Thorn were at Star Castle

As I went through the gate out towards Porth Hellick Beach this evening, I could hear an unfamiliar song to my right. It sounded like a mixture of a Yellowhammer/Corn Bunting singing. I stood there for a second and then it came to me. It was the male Black Redstart and I found him high up on top of Caramel Rock! This is only the second time I've heard a Black Redstart singing and that was over 25 years ago. A single Skylark with 12 Linnet flew high SW and on the pool there were 3 Snipe, 2 pairs of Teal and the female Pochard. 7 Chiffchaff were heard and seen on the walk back to the road.  

It was like glass out in The Roads and a scan out from Star Castle produced my first Sandwich Tern of the year, a female Merlin, 26+Great Northern Diver and south of Samson, one of the Black-necked Grebe.  The dusky looking Pied Wagtail was on the lawn this morning for it's sixth day. 

 At Star Castle, there was a battle going on in the garden between a Common Garden Centipede and Shiney Woodlouse, but want do you think happened?  

The jaws were not strong enough to pierce through the hard shell of the woodlouse and after a good three minutes of trying, the ceterpede gave up and had no choice but to let it go of the unharmed woodlouse! 
St Mark's Fly at Porth Hellick 

Glossy Glass Snail at Star Castle

Common Striped Woodlouse of a yellow form at Star Castle

Darkling Beetle at Star Castle

Male Kestrel at Porth Hellick just before dark

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