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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Rock pooling at Bants Carn

Our second Shore Clingfish in two weeks! This one was at Bants Carn

  The tide was well out and the sun was shinning on the rock pools below Bants Carn and Tean and I were getting stuck into turning rocks over. In the three hours we were there, we caught the usual stuff, including our second Clingfish in two weeks. New species were a Small headed Clingfish, Edible Crab, Sea Slugs sp? Two species of shrimp and different species of worm.  I'll try and ID some of the species later.

This is threa where Tean and I went Rock Pooling just below Bants Carn

Sea Slug sp? 

Black-footed Limpet 

Star Ascidion 

Green Leaf Worm 

Marine Worm? 


Egg case of Polychaete Worm, Anaitides Maculate 

Gem Anemone 

Cushion Starfish 
Opossum Shrimp

Hooded Shrimp 

Small headed Clingfish 

Shore Clingfish 

Isopoda sphaeroma species

Little Egret, Greenshank and Rock Pipit, Bants Carn 

Tean walking across Bar Point Beach and looking out towards Tresco 

On our return home, Tean spotted this Green Sheild Bug at Telegraph 

Yesterday, a single Siskin flew SW over Star Castle and the dusky looking first summer male Pied Wagtail was feeding on the lawn. Nearby on the football field there were 2 White Wagtail. At Porth Hellick there were 2 Fieldfare and a single Redwing and the female Pochard reappeared and the male Black Redstart was still present on the beachat Porth Hellick. Also, I found a Firecrest going to roost at Bar Point.

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