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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Winter thrushes linger on!

This female Pochard has been present at Porth Hellick for nearly a month! 

  This morning at Porth Hellick, there were small numbers of Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler, Blackcap and Sand Martin. The Marsh Harrier showed well, landing on the island briefly in the middle of the pool and a female Sparrowhawk went through.

  At Pelistry, there were 4 Chiffchaff and a male Blackcap and on the beach, a single male and 2 imm/fem Black Redstart. A single Swallow and Willow Warbler were also at Star Castle

There were up to 3 pairs of Teal and the female Pochard at PH

  A walk through Holy Vale towards Porth Hellick this evening, found 5 late Fieldfare and 11 Redwing in the tops of the trees. A male Sparrowhawk also put up 30+Linnet in nearby fields. I entered the Sussex hide just before 19.00 at PH, sat down and the first bird I hear, is the Cetti's Warbler! It was pretty vocal, on and off, and although it close, it proved elusive. Robin arrived and we both went to the sluice to look for the Reed Bunting that Martin saw yesterday. There was no sign of it, however, under Camal Rock there were 3 imm/fem and a 2nd summer male Black Redstart. The male was very interesting, the left wing showed the white wing panal, while on the left wing, it was absent! We returned to the hide, heard the Cetti's, observed a male Peregrine briefly and the 35+Sand Martin roosted in the reeds.

Fieldfare and Redwing lingering on at Holy Vale!  

Note that there is only a white wing panal on the left wing of this male Black Redstart. When observed in the field, you could see the brown wing feathers, (which you can clearly see in the record shots).  This made the age of this bird a 2nd year. 

Yet another Blackbird, this time a female, trying it's best to look like a Ring Ouzel at Mount Todden! 

Garden Tiger Moth caterpillar at Carn Vean 

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