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Wednesday 24 May 2017

3 Night Heron at Porth Hellick

One of the 3 Night Heron at Porth Hellick yesterday afternoon

  Two days ago we all observed the adult Night Heron roosting in sallows at Carn Friars. Yesterday Robin went to have a look at it in the same area and discovered 3 Night Heron roosting together! In the afternoon I got a call from Dave telling me that 2 Night Heron were in front the Sussex hide. A cracking adult was trying to sleep while behind it, there was a second summer walking around. Both birds showed well before flying off towards Carn Friars to join the other adult that was roosting in the sallows.

This is the adult that's been hanging around the Porth Hellick area for the last week and has been identified a different adult from the lack of a gap in the wing that was at Lower Moors

Second summer behind and adult Night Heron at Porth Hellick

Before both birds flew off towards nearby Carn friars

On the 17th there were some 200 large gulls following a tractor at Telegraph. I quickly pulled over and immediately found this 1st summer Yellow-legged Gull. I just took a few shots in time before it flew off south.

Herring Gulls following Paddy on the tractor

Also had this near adult argentatus Herring Gull later on the same day as the YLG over Porth Hellick. A very unusual record for this time of year for both species of gull on Scilly.

This Hooded Crow spent a few days on the golf course last week

A male Garganey spent a day at Porth Hellick

Male Gadwall

Golden Plover at the airfield

Song Thrush


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