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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Over a million Diamond-backed Moth invade Scilly!

It was estimated that 50-100 million Diamond-backed Moths arrived in the UK between 5-7th June with well over a million on Scilly!  

  On the 5th June while Walking through the fields of Pelistry, clouds of micro moths would fly up in front me from the grass. I thought they were grass moth, but Bob Dawson informed me that they were Diamond-backed Moths and a hell of a lot of them! For the next few days it was thought that over a million arrived on Scilly! On the small island of Gugh, Bob reckoned there were 1 per square metre=400,000! I was kicking 10-20 per m at Pelistry and the following day maybe, 20-30 per m at times in other fields on St Mary's! The 8th saw less numbers most had a lot had moved on. As I write this post, looking out towards Samson, I can see single Diamondback Moths flying and a short walk around the Garrison still produced hundreds flying out from cover  Also with the Diamond-backed Moths were a large arrival of Painted Lady Butterfly with 100's and smaller numbers of Silver-Y Moth.

There are up 12 Diamond-backed Moth on this photo

On this pic, 40-50 Diamond-backed Moth feeding on Hemlock Water-dropwort! 

Diamond-backed Moth

Also associated with the movement of Diamond-backs were Silver-Y Moth. 

There are up to 9 Painted Lady on this photo feding on Pale Dewplant

Large numbers of Painted Lady Butterfly also arrived at the same time. I had up to 70 from Star Castle to The Pottery feeding on Red Valerian with at least 50+at The Pottery.  

eupeodes Hoverfly

Marmalade Hoverfly

Today there was a small influx of Marmalade and eupeodes Hoverfly. I took these on the Garrison this evening

  On the bird front, yesterday there was a very unusual record, for this time of year, of a Red-rumped Swallow at Porth Hellick continuing the good run of this species this spring. Dave Flum also had a Honey Buzzard over Tresco where the Iceland Gull and IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF were still present.

  On the 5th June I observed the Alpine Swift in the late afternoon high above Maypole with 3 Swift. On St agnes, Bob Dawson had a Golden Oriole at Wingletang. Early the following morning, I got a call from Bob telling me that he had an adult Purple Heron over St Agnes heading towards St Mary's. I rushed out into the garden but couldn't see it and there was no sign of it for the rest of the day. The male Marsh Harrier is still around the islands.

First Scilly June record of Red-rumped Swallow was at Porth Hellick. I observed it hawking over Porth Hellick House with some 30 Swallow, 10+House Martin and 3 Swift..

This male Peregrine was also at Porth Hellick

Here's me with my arm around my mate,  the amazing Muhammad Ali with my brother, nan and aunt Do. Later Ali invited all the family to his hotel room where I had a play box with him and slapped him in the face! Henry Cooper and I must be the only English men to hit Ali in the face!!

A great live performers from PJ Harvey

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