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Monday, 4 February 2013

Time to move on

Rufus Wren often seen by the roadside

 I watched the Magnifcent Frigatebirds chasing the terns low over the river as I was leaving heading down river to the mainland. 

Both Summer and Blue Gray Tanager were in the hotel garden

Near the ringing station was this Chestnut-sided Warbler

Montezuma Oropendola Say that with a gobstopper in your month!

Green Heron

A pair of Scarlet-rumped Tanager. These are widespread throught Costa Rica

The beach held Grey Plover, Sanderling and this Hudsonian Whimbrel

The only Crocodile seen on the return trip

many egret, heron and bittern were by the riverside including this Snowy egret

One of the narrow boats got wedged in the river

Birds along the dirt track included this Long-tailed Tyrant 

In the car, I stopped off every 3-4 miles to have a look around on the slow rough track from the quay to Gaupiles Town. As a result I managed to see some new birds and in the road side ditches, Red-eared Terrapin. Also an impressive flock of  35-40 Keel-billed Toucan flew overhead. The snow white sky didn't help me in taking pics of them

  Here are a few other birds that I managed to see driving from San Jose to the Pacific then Caribbean Coast before returning back inland to the capital. I've really enjoyed my stay driving around Costa Rica and met good and interesting folks and also enjoyed the food here. I had a few moments when I felt unsafe, especially around the area of Limon. However, at least I wasn't arrested or asked to give money by corrupt police officers! I didn't get food poisoned and it was safe to drink the water from the tap. Strangers covered in blood didn't fall on the table while I was eating, and I was not chased by gay Costa Rican men! That's what I experienced in a ten day period while visiting Morocco last year! I will return to Costa Rica in the near future and this time I will do full on birding and not dribs and drabs like I did this time round.

Volcano Arenal

In the high parts, mist covered the mountains

Yellow-thighed Finch

Rufus Wren

Buff-throated Salator

Grey-crowned Yellowthroat

Green Violet-Ear

Volcano Junco and Hummingbird were all over the shop at Volcano Irazu

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