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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Iceland Gull at Candles

Record shot of the juvenile Iceland Gull that Tom found here a week ago

  With Jim and Tom, I was back at Candles Landfill. On top of a mound, Jim located last weeks juvenile Iceland Gull. The bird was distant and stuck around for five minutes and was last seen flying off towards the Seven with other gulls. 30 minutes later. However, the best bird for me was a male Merlin in the lower branches of the tall Popular tree opposite my parents house in Trench late this afternoon. It then flew off fast. twisting and turning, just above the house, in hot pursuit of a small bird, maybe a Chaffinch. Flicking it's wings, they flew lower past the window, that I was looking out of, towards Trench Pool and out of sight. A very unusual record for this area and I've never recorded a kestral around here!

The Iceland Gull was also ways a long ways off. No sign of any of yesterdays gulls

From back in 2004, I've always liked Chikinka's song Drink when Nigel Wheatley introduced me to them, but can't find it on Youtube. Found 'Seamless' instead which is just as good. They released a number of singles from it and toured extensively, playing with bands such as Kasabian, the Kaiser Chiefs and the Charlatans as well as at Glastonbury and V festivals. However, they were unable to sell enough records to make a sufficient return on the large investment Island had made in them and their contract was not extended to another album. I reckon your like this one if you've not heard this one before Nigel

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