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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Caspian Gull at Prisorlee Lake

The very same 1st winter Caspian gull that I found and was the last bird I saw in Shropshire on the 12th January just as I was leaving for London!

   This time I observed it for more than a minute and in slightly better light. Not when it was almost dark! From the car I scanned the 300-400 gulls on the water with my bins, mostly adult Leser-black-backed Gulls, and immediately came across the Caspian Gull. Fired off some shots and then scoped it. It stuck around for a good 30 minutes, then flew to the center before all the gulls were flushed off by a low flying adult male Peregrine. There were also 2 adult Yellow-legged, 3 common gull and 4 Great-black backed Gull and 10 Gadwall on site. Since the 12th Jan, while I've been away, this Caspian has been seen in the Horsehay-Candles area. At the latter sites, in the last few days there have been up to 4 Caspian gulls, 2 adults, including a new one with a yellow ring, and 2 1st winters and single juvenile Iceland and 2nd winter Glaucous Gulls. The Glauc was seen on the floods yesterday at Buildwas by Latham. Hopefully I'll get that one in the bag before I return home. There has also been a 2nd winter Glaucous and an adult Iceland Gull at my old patch, Ellesmere. Sorry John, I hope the Caspian sticks around and you catch up with it.

As you can see, it did a lot of flying around. All these pics were taken from the car as it was too bloody cold to get out and it was raining!

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