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Monday, 16 January 2012

Two MEGAS in one day!


  Had a fantastic day in Hampshire! From Dartford Station I picked up Conrad Ellam at 0545 and arrived at Calshot. Hampshire, for the male SPANISH SPARROW just after 08.00. A small crowd was watching a garden where the bird had just been feeding. Then we got the shout that it was in another garden up road. Someone kindly let us into their house and about 20 of us observed the sparrow at very close range from their kitchen window.

Thanks to the owner for letting us in his house and getting vracking views of the sparrow.

  Many birders started leaving the sparrow to go and see the 1st winter male DARK-EYED JUNCO up road at Hawkhill Enclosure in the New Forest. After 30 minutes of observing the sparrow, we also made a move and found the junco showing very well with good numbers of Reed Bunting and Chaffinch a clearfell area. The Junco fed mostly on the ground, but on one occasion, in the hour that we were there, it flew up into nearby trees. There were also up to 5 Crossbill, 3 Siskin and I heard a single Redpoll.

1st winter male DARK-EYED JUNCO at Hawkhill

Up to 5 Crossbill were also in the area

The area where the junco favoured

Conrad wanted to go and see the GREAT GREY SHRIKE just around the corner at Bishops Dyke. Blue skies were still above us and it was not until our second attempt, after walking all over the shop, that Comrad spotted the shrike. It showed superbly, nothing like yesterdays bird in Salop, just sat up in the sun at the tops of the Birches. 4 Crossbill, 30-40 Siskin and 2 Redpoll were also present. If it wasn't for Sam, a local birder that we met, then we wouldn't of connected with the shrike. Nearby, just across the railway bridge on the otherside, Sam showed us where the Dartford Warblers were and we managed to see at least 3 birds in flight and on wires.


Looking through the pines from the car park at Bishops Dyke

Today was Martin Luther King Jr day. Here is tribute song to the great man 'They Killed Him' by Kris Kristofferson. Also covered by Dylan, Cash and the American idian, Floyd Red Crow Westerman.


  1. What a great day, lovely shots. The shrike in flight is a beauty.

  2. Thanks again Marc. I'm vrey pleased with the shrike. If you have not been to see the two megas, then I recommend it. If you do, then try and choose a sunny day.