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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Good old stuff still around!

The female BLUE-WINGED TEAL at Porth Hellick.  

  I was meeting Higgo at 08.00. So with that in mind, I wished Ren and family Happy New Year and left at 01.30 this morning ready to jump into my pit. However, when I returned home, I checked my emails and had a quick look at Youtube. Some clown had gone and put a 1978 John Prine gig on and I was glued to it! I crawled into the pit at 03.00 and was rudely interrupted a few hours later, 09.30, by Higgo on me mobile. 'Are you still in bed boy?' He had already seen the Glossy Ibis and Dusky Warbler at Lower Moors. I picked him up and we went over to Porth Hellick. It was overcast and as I glanced over towards the pool as we were approaching the Sussex hide, I shouted, 'BLUE-WINGED TEAL!' I have made a number of visits to PH and have not connected with this duck since I first found it on the 27th November last year. It was making it's way towards the island, but as soon as Higgo showed his face, it turned around and disappeared into the reeds. Only a few Chiffchaff were heard and the coots had increased by 1 to 7.

This BLUE-WINGED TEAL has been at Porth Hellick since the 27th November.
  Higgo went home, after we both had a look at the 1st winter male Eider in the harbour that's also been here since November and then I made my way to Lower Moors. No sign of the ibis, but I was successful with the DUSKY WARBLER. I relocated by call in the area where Higgo had it earlier on. There were also 9-10 Chiffchaff, male Sparrowhawk, 4 Woodcock and the Yellow-browed Warbler was very vocal at the Rose Hill end of the moors. A quick look at Porthloo produced 2 adult Common Gull and now 3 Black Redstart.  I've never seen both Dusky and Yellow-browed Warbler in January before.

  After a heavy downpour just after 13.00, Ren called and we met at Porthcressa where there was a Great Northern Diver on show in the bay. We were unsuccessful with the BW Teal, Dusky and YB Warbler and despite everyone catching up with the ibis at Shooters Pool, when we arrived, there was no sign of it. I guess Higgo looked through the screen showing his face, just before we got there and that was that!
  So a very good start to 2012 with Man City loosing to Sunderland and what about United and Chelsea? Lets hope it continues.

Great Northern Diver at Porthcressa kept it's distance

2 rough looking Black Redstart at Porthloo

Chiffchaffs at Lower Moors

At the end of 'Match of Day 2' this evening, you know, the one when they showed Chelsea, Man City and United loosing, they played Led Zepplin's, 'Whole lotta love' So I thought I would play 'When the Levee Breaks' What a song!

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