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Saturday, 14 January 2012

GARGANEY at Venus Pool

Female GARGANEY at Venus Pool this evening

 This morning went shopping with Gayna, again, like yesterday and the day before. Ya know what I mean like? And then later in the afternoon we made a visit to Ironbridge on the River Seven. It was just coming up to 16.00 and we were having tea at me auntie Do's in Allscott in half an hours time. On the way there, we had a quick look to see if any of the Whooper Swans, that have been there for a while, were in the fields on the main road out of Cound and found 2 adults feeding with Mute Swans. A few minutes up road and we stopped off at Venus Pool. We went into the main hide and found the pool was 60-70% frozen over. As I scanned the Teal, just before they disappeared behind the island, I shounted 'BLOODY ELL, GARGANEY!' I ran like the devil to the right hand hide, and as there was a car and bike in the car park, I thought there would be birders in there. There wasn't, but I relocated the female Garganey feeding with 8 Teal, 6 Wigeon and 5 Shoveler. It was now 16.20 and the light was fading fast. As quick as I could, I rattled off some shots and hoped that it would still be here tomorrow for everyone to see.

 As far as I know, this is the first winter record of Garganey in Salop, although Andy Lathem discovered one at Allscott Sugar Factory in September that stayed to November a few years back. Even Higgo saw that one!

Looking up

And down river

'California' from one of Joni Mitchell's bset albums, Blue

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