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Monday, 2 January 2012

Iceland Gull at Porth Mellon

2nd winter Iceland Gull at the tip

  At 14.30 I got a call from Ren telling me that he just found an Iceland Gull at Porth Mellon. Already Robin had called me to say that he had seen 2 Iceland Gulls off Tresco with Higgo, Mark and Ritchie this morning. They also got 2 Scaup and Long-tailed Duck. I guessed that this Iceland at Porth Mellon was possibly one the Tresco birds. I arrived at Porth Mellon, shortly after the call, and found no gulls on the beach. Tony pulled up and we made the short walk to the tip. Immediately Tony spotted the Iceland half way down the bank feeding in the rubbish. We observed it for a few minutes and just before Robin and Mark turned up, the gull flew towards Porth Mellon. Here Tony picked it up again flying high over the beach before it flew lower over the bay towards the harbour.
  A call from Robin late in the afternoon, finally got me to see the GLOSSY IBIS for 2012 feeding in the fields near Porth Mellon.

2nd winter Iceland Gull at the tip and passing over Porth Mellon

This Pied Wagtail was also on Porth Mellon Beach

And the family of 4 Ravens were hanging in the wind above

And what about Fulham!? Why couldn't Arsene Wenger, in the interview after the game, just say that Fulham out played us and were the better team. Instead it was 'Urr, we went down to ten men. Urr, and he shouldn't of been sent off. Urr, and yes we should of had a penalty and there were some bad decisions by the refee. Urr' It was one hell of a game and I watched it again later on Match of the Day

Jakob Dylan singing live 'Will it Grow' on the Graig Ferguson Show. When I first got his album, Seeing Things, in 2009, I thought I've got to go to one of his gigs. He doesn't get on with his old man .

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