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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

3 Iceland Gulls

2nd winter Iceland Gull at Porth Mellon

  A text from Higgo at mid-day '4 Iceland Gulls on the tip' A quick call to Martin and we both arrived at Porthloo an hour later. Yesterday's 2nd winter flew in and landed on Taylors Island. We later relocated it at Porth Mellon, but no sign of any of the other Icelands, so we moved to Porthcressa. Walking up the steps, a juvenile Iceland Gull very briefly came in and disappeared. Time to get out the Pizza and quiche. It was only when I had finished throwing all the food on the beach to about 60 Herring Gulls, that the 1st winter decided to reappear. Too late mate, but enough time for Martin and I to have a good look at it as it did two sweeps in front of us before disappearing again. Just around the corner at Sallyport we observed something that we have never seen before. Ritchie and Tony working!! I could see the Iceland Gull over the house and blasting the horn, I got Ritchie's attention. He was looking up over the road to the right. The bird I was on was clearly to the left. He was watching another juvenile Iceland Gull and both birds drifted off towards Little Porth. At the latter site, Martin and I saw one of the gulls heading off towards Morning Point. There was no sign of the other bird, but there was a stunning male Black Redstart on the beach.

juvenile Iceland Gull at Porthcressa

Male Black Redsdtart at Porthloo

 We returned to the tip and found that a juvenile and the 2nd winter Iceland Gull were on top of the tip. At Porthloo there were 6 adult Common Gull and 2 Little Egret.

2nd winter Iceland Gull.     

Juvenile left and right the 2nd winter Iceland Gull on the tip.

  Yesterday I joined Mark briefly at Shooters Pool and we managed to see the GLOSSY IBIS fly overhead. Later while I was at Porth Hellick, Robin called to tell me that he was watching a juvenile Iceland Gull flying over Lower Moors. Just as I put down the phone, I looked outside from the seaward hide and noticed immediately a very pale juvenile or 2nd winter Iceland Gull flying over Porth Hellick Down straight through towards Holy Vale. I thought that it could of been yesterday's 2nd winter, but this was ruled out by the pink base to the bill ageing it as probably a juvenile. The ages of juveniles and 2nd winters vary so much. The 7 Coot, female Teal and 5 Green and 2 Redshank were still on the pool.
  Also, a Yellow-browed Warbler was discovered by Simon Colenutt at Lower Broom on the Garrison.
GLOSSY IBIS over shooters Pool

Goldcrest at Porth Hellick

Just as was leaving Porth Hellick this Cormorant came in

Jill Sobule with 'San Francisco' On the drums Jim Keltner, whose played with everyone and on base and also Produced the song, Don Was, who has, well played with everyone. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. Check out his channel


  1. Just stumbled over your blog, some lovely shots you have here. I shall be back to follow with interest.

  2. Thanks Marc. Martin Goodey's and Joe Pender's and others are, but mine, well I'll keep on trying

  3. Hi Spider
    Bonnie Prince Billy is playing the Acorn in Penzance on 2nd May. Think it might be up to your taste!!

  4. I'm trying to book time off from work to go and see him. Thanks Paul