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Monday, 9 May 2011

Ringing Pipistrelle Bats

 Female Pipistrelle Bat being ringed at Maypole Farm 

  Just after 21.00, under a starry night, there was a small gathering of 11 people at Maypole Farm. On the SE side of the cottage garden we trapped 9 out of 30+Pipistrelle Bats in the same way as we trap birds, with a mist net, despite the blustery conditions. All 9 bats were female and in turn were weighed, measured and ringed. Five of the bats were also placed with a tiny transmitter on the back in between the shoulder. The battery on the transmitters only last nine to ten days and hopefully in that time we will be able to follow them each night and see if they move around and use different roost sights. This is the first time that bats have been ringed and fitted with transmitters on Scilly and over all it was a very successful and interesting evening.

A total of 9 female Pipistrelle Bats were ringed at Maypole Farm

5 of the females were fitted with transmitters on the back 

This is my hand gently holding one of the bats 

  I was so busy at work today that the only birds of note that I saw were all at work and included a fly over Tree Pipit and a male Wheatear on the garden lawn.

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