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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

OSPREY at Porth Hellick!

The SHORT-TOED LARK at the turning circle on the airfield

  It was not until after work that I got out and found myself back on the airfield. 10+Wheatear, no sign of the Golden Plover, but the SHORT-TOED LARK performed well at the turning circle.

The lark looked a lot better this evening than yesterday in that miserable weather 

  At Porth Hellick there were over 200 Swallow, however, there were only 10+House Martin. In front of the seaward hide, there was the stunning male BLUE-HEADED WAGTAIL feeding with the 2 Snipe again, before the wagtail flew to roost into the reeds left of the Sussex hide just before 21.00.  That's when Robin arrived in the hide and some twenty minutes later, I could see a raptor high up, coming towards us, from the direction of Lunnan Farm. 'What's that Robin?' 'OSPREY!' I answered myself when I knew what it was. The bird was gliding fast being harassed by one of the local Carrion Crows. We both ran out of the hide and watched it turn towards the bay. I ran like the devil, while Robin tried to keep up. I picked out the OSPREY heading WNW towards Old Town where we lost it as it came down lower behind the Salakee pine belt. I guess it was looking for somewhere to roost and was pushed off by the damn crow!
  Three times this bird came out as being seen in the St Martins area this afternoon. So it was good to catch it over here on St Mary's, although I would like to see it a lot better.
  On the way home from Porth Hellick we stopped at Carn Vean and listened to the Grasshopper Warbler in a low hedge close to the road.

The male BLUE-HEADED WAGTAIL side by side with 1 of the 2 Snipe at Porth Hellick 

It was almost dark when this OSPREY passed overhead

  Also on St Martins, John Metcalf, a visiting birder, relocated the WOODCHAT SHRIKE at Little Arthur Farm. As he was putting his phone away, after putting the news out, he couldn't believe his eyes when a male LITTLE BITTERN flew past heading East!! He also got the OSPREY over the daymark.

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  1. The Osprey must be one of the youngsters on their first Spring Migration - presume you couldn't see a tracker on it's back as there's one being tracked back from Africa for the first time ever. Very envious that you saw it - hope Robin recovers from all the dashing about ! Sue