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Tuesday, 24 May 2011


This picture is on my bedroom wall.
Stateside Tour, '74 with The Band. Note, Levon Helm on the drums, Gareth Hudson on the keyboard behind and to the left you can just see the head of the guitar played by Robie Robertson. 

  When I was out today, I hoped that myself and no one else would find anything today of interest. The reason, so this page was for one man only, BOB DYLAN! 
  He's 70 today!

  I've been listening to 'Blood on the Tracks' and 'Oh Mercy' CD'S in the wagon while I've been driving today. But I listen to Dylan almost daily.

  Here are a few videos from the man and others. Youtube have blocked a lot of Dylan's songs and therefore there's a lot of songs that I can't play like, Highway 61, Watch the River Flow, Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again, Hurricane and the list goes on....

Heres a very brief video of his amazing life!

Two great artists recording together. They wrote and recorded a lot of songs together and in '69, did a whole album. Non of the songs were released except for 'GIRL FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY' on Dylan's, 'NASHVILLE SKYLINE' As they were both driving into Nashville, it was Cash who suggested the title of the LP.

I like this cover a lot.

I couldn't find Dylan singing this song from his album, 'OH MERCEY'
so I put this cover on instead.

I had to play this song. He wrote it for the movie, 'Pat Garret and Billy the Kid'

  Martin Sheen was on Desert Island Discs on R4 a few weeks back, and this was one of his all time favorite songs. Sheen went on to say that, when he spent some time with Kristofferson, Kris told him that Peckinpah, the director of the film, wanted him to do the music for the film. Kris told Peckinpah to get Dylan instead! Thank god he did and the song is used in the dying scene with Slim Picken. The music in the film, fits in perfectly and as Dylan didn't have a band, the muscians that you can hear are Kristofferson's band, 'The Borderlords' with Roger Mcguinn of 'The Birds'. Dylan, who was Alias in the film, did a very good job for his first movie.

This is funny! I put this in to show the reaction of Dylan's face when this dancer comes on. As you can see, the dancer is pulled off the stage. You can see that Bob disproves, but he just keeps on playing. His face is a picture!  Very funny!

Recording at New York's Columbia Studios in '65.
I also have this picture on my wall next to Hendrix. Hendrix's hero was Bob Dylan and he wanted to be like him. Hendrix even went so far to copy Dylan's hairstyle. 

Well, it was such a calm sunny evening that I just had to go out. At Holy Vale I met Ritchie and while looking from the top of the vine field for yesterdays Turtle Dove, Ritchie caught a glimpse of an immature male/fem GOLDEN ORIOLE fly across into the Elms. At Porth Hellick crossroads, there was Martin looking for the RED-RUMPED SWALLOW that was seen earlier over PH House. No sign, so we all made our way to the pool. Entering the seaward hide and found Mark and Robin watching a tern! I quickly got onto it and saw a cracking ARCTIC TERN only to see it fly off over the pines, ESE towards Deep Point. This is my first spring Scilly Artic Tern and could prove to be the only one I see this year. The only other tern that I've seen on the pool is a Black Tern in May, '98! There was also a late Snipe and the same number of hirundines as yesterday evening. Ritchie and I went to look for the other Turtle Dove at Salakee, but no joy. On my own, I moved on to the airfield where there was a good count, for this time of the year, of 16 Wheatear.  

The ARCTIC TERN stayed for a few seconds at Porth Hellick before flying off ESE. This late Snipe was also present. Martin Goodey 

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