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Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Male BLUE-HEADED WAGTAIL at Porth Hellick  

  There were only 2 Golden Plover and 9 Wheatear this evening on the airfield. As I walked over towards the old runway, I heard a SHORT-TOED LARK over me and watched the bird come down only a few meters in front on the edge of the runway! I stood still as it moved into a dip where I could only see it's head poking up and down. In the drizzle, I fire a few shots and then backed off. Also 2 Pied Wagtail and a Swift were in the area.

The SHORT-TOED LARK not looking so good in the drizzle. Where did his two mates go? 

  At Salakee I could hear the sound of a purring Turtle Dove coming from one of the tall Elms. It's been years since I've heard one, but this soon shut up when two dog walkers flushed it and all I saw was the back end of it fly off over the fields.

A recording of the Turtle Dove purring at Salakee. Only five days ago, I was standing in the same spot recording a Golden Oriole singing. Big Al, you'll have to turn it right up!

  Down at Porth Hellick there were 2 Snipe and the male BLUE-HEADED WAGTAIL was showing very well in front of the hides, until it decided to fly off to Carn Friars, where there was also a Cuckoo and Willow Warbler singing. Again a good number of hirundines were feeding over the pool before going to roost. Over 200 Swallow and 80 House Martin.

2 Snipe and the male BLUE-HEADED WAGTAIL at Porth Hellick this evening 

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