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Friday, 27 May 2011

2 Turtle Dove at Salakee

The 2 Turtle Dove were distant at Salakee 

  A call from Tony early this evening, got me down to Parting Carn where he had seen the 2 Turtle Dove. When I arrived, my mate Mac from Tyneside who found the Red-flanked Bluetail on St Martins last year, saw the two birds ten minutes ago. We searched around for twenty minutes and, we didn't see them. Damn, I've seen a lot f Turtle Dove this year, but not on the deck. Mac left me to it and I went looking elsewhere and found them feeding in a field at Salakee. I continued on towards the airfield and there were still at least 15+Wheatear present. A look out to sea for ten minutes saw over 50 Manx Shearwater feeding close in shore.

Sitticus pubescens, a jumping spider was at Star Castle. A small but sprightly jumping spider with a large and quite angular head. This spider is usually found around human habitations, sometimes under stones and sometimes in houses.

Lots of Rush Veneers around at the moment. This was 1 of 5 in my house  

Male House Sparrow having a good ole dust bath at work 

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