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Sunday, 26 December 2010



Up to 11 Wood Pigeons were in the garden

 As the road conditions were too icy and too dangerous to drive, I thought it be wise to stay in. A quick look
at the garden, now and then, produced some good birds. The highlights included, a Pied Wagtail, 2 Redwings and 1 Fieldfare, all these birds were in the garden throughout the day and now there is up to 12 Goldfinches!  Also the white winged Jackdaw made a brief vsit with a white winged Starling.

To get an odd plumaged bird in your garden is quite uncommon, but to get two at the same time is a very rare event! That's what happened this afternoon when the white winged Jackdaw made a brief visit followed by a white winged Starling!

                  Two Redwings and this Feldfare were in the garden all day
All my shots were taken from this window. Here is the Fieldfare feeding on an apple

Only 3 Blackbirds were present at one time. This bird kept on pushing the other thrushes awaay.
                  This Pied Wagtail was also in the garden throughout the day


December last year, Joe Pender found a 1st winter SABINE'S GULL in Old Town Bay. This was a Scilly tick for me and the bird stuck around for quite a while, commuting with Porthloo. This footage was taken at the latter site.


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  1. Thanks for the Bruce Springsteen clip Spider. I saw him do this in a concert in Florida in 2000. Magnificent. As for 'Masters of War' I saw Pearl Jam last summer in Hyde Park, but unfortunately they didn't do 'Masters.' Great concert though.
    Steve Watt