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Monday, 27 December 2010

Gulls at Prisorlee

Gulls on a frozen Prisorlee Lake

 The tempture rose just above freezing this morning. Just after 13.00, I was at Prisorlee Flash and found a lot gulls on the ice, but the only gull of interest was a 1st winter Common Gull. However, when I made a visit to nearby Prisorlee Lake, there were a lot more gulls on the ice here. The highlights was an adult Yellow-legged Gull and up to 6 Great black-backed Gulls. There were also over 300 Lesser black backed and 100+Herring Gulls.
 I returned home to find now visiting the garden, 4 Redwings, 7 Fieldfares and in the Silver Birch, over 30 Goldfinches!

 An EAGLE OWL was seen at dusk near Aston on Clun, South Shropshire, Friday just gone. I was going to that aea at some stage during my stay and as the weather looks good tomorrow, I think I might give it try.

This Lesser black-backed Gull had, what looked like a piece of cotton, wrapped around it's bill

Three of the Lesser black-backed Gulls at Prisorlee Flash

1st winter Common Gull at Prisorlee Flash

Redwing at Prisorlee

The dark blob in the far right tree, is a Buzzard at Trench Pool. This is a very built up area and my house is behind the tree that the Buzzard is in.

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