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Thursday, 9 December 2010


              Sun shinning through the clouds taken from the quarry, Bar Point

 For the first time in over a week, I did me patch this morning and I got a single Goldcrest, 10+Redwings and in the wood, 2 Woodcocks. It was pretty calm, so I decided to go and do The Roads from Bar Point. At 12.30 I was at the top of the quarry scanning, but all I could muster were 7 Great Northern Divers. I then walked through Trenowth, Inisidgen and along the coastal path back to Bar Point. A few Redwings, an imm male Sparrowhawk, fem Blackcap,and at Bar, 2 Bar-tailed Godwits, were the only birds of note. However, just east of Samson there were 5 or 6 Harbour Porpoises. I had been walking for over an hour and thought it might be a good idea to scan from the top of the quarry again. I had been there twenty minutes when I thought I heard a familiar call. I tilted my head and listened. There and again, WAXWING!! I looked up and above me I could see two dots high up in the sky. They were heading south and then turned and went north towards Tresco, calling all the time and then I lost them. Although it only lasted a few seconds and they were dots in the sky, it felt so good to hear that trill, like a small bell. I was lucky enough to find one in March this year while I was driving the taxi in town. Everyone managed to catch up with it and then later in the day, it was killed by a cat and now, I think it's in Ren Freezer next to the chickenwings! There's been a massive invasion of Waxwings in the country since October and small numbers are only now reaching Devon and Cornwall. I think there be a lot more birds arriving on Scilly in the next few weeks.

                                                 Redwing on me patch

                                        Female Stonechat feeding in the quarry

                                        Curlew and Little Egret at Bar Point

            This was taken from Bant's Carn looking over towards Annet in the distance

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